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Fener Island, Çeşme

The Fener Island diving site in Çeşme is a hotspot for foreign and local divers. Admired for it’s colorful, vibrant fauna, many surprises await you at Fener Island.

Suitable for all divers, Fener Island is in Ildır Village, in Izmir’s popular holiday spot, Çeşme. Fener Island is a great spot for those seeking an underwater adventure in a colorful site that extends 18 meters below water.

At this island, swim with streams of Sargo and Bream surrounded by yellow marine sponge, and coral flowers. You may come across some seals, in an old seal cave at Fener Island.

Fener Island is usually windy, so we reccomend that you dive when the weather is calm. To dive in clear blue water and witness a variety of sea cratures, book a flight to İzmir.

Fener Island in Çeşme is a great diving site for all types of divers and an unforgettable diving experience.

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