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Flights to Sudan

Khartoum Arabic, English
Sudanese Pound 40,53 million
Independence Day (January 01), National Revolution Day (June 30), Islamic New Year, Birthday of Prophet Mohammed, Christmas (December 25), Mawlid An-Nabi, Ashoura, Sacrifice Holiday, Ramadan Feast

Sudan, officially known as Republic of the Sudan, is regarded as the port of entry to Africa, shining out as the largest country in the continent by area. These lands full of the rich cultural fabric and spectacular landscapes of African geography have a history dating back to 5000s before Common Era. As home to the Nile River and valley which have always been important both economically and culturally throughout the history and in the present day, Sudan owns a perfect location also on the shores of the Red Sea.

Declaring independence after the long years of British colonization, Sudan aims to gain strength in tourism while gathering itself up following the hard times it experienced. It would not be so difficult to gain such strength by its deep-rooted history and magnificent nature offering mesmerizing sceneries. If you are also interested in visiting this country with its interesting culture and outstanding geography, take a look at the flights to Sudan offered by Turkish Airlines now to set your travel plan by making use of the privileged opportunities.

Flight Details

Sudan flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to three different destinations in Sudan: Juba, Khartoum and Port Sudan. Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) land at Khartoum Airport (KRT) in the capital Khartoum within three hours and fifteen minutes in average. Flights to Juba International Airport (JUB) and Port Sudan New International Airport (PZU), on the other hand, are operated as connecting over Khartoum. Duration of the journeys in connecting flights varies by the layover and your point of destination.

Temperatures in Sudan do not decrease too much all year round. That is to say, the country can be visited at all seasons. However, note that Sudan is likely to have sandstorms in November and January. It would therefore be recommendable to set your plan taking into account that these months may be unfavorable. As a Muslim country, the majority of the attractive events in Sudan focus on religion. It is of course impossible not to feel the sweet rush in the country during Ramadan and Sacrifice Feasts. Yet, the most attention-grabbing religion based event is Sufi Holiya Festival held in October, where all streets witness entertaining moments celebrating the religion of tolerance, Sufism. Events displaying the best models of Sufi music and dance draw interest of especially the foreign tourists.

Mawlid an-Nabi which celebrates the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed is another religion-based event taking place countrywide. All streets are filled with local melodies in this day every year, providing a great chance for the travelers to witness the country’s culture at first hand.

Attraction Points

Sudan sightseeing and attractions

The capital Khartoum at the crossroads of White and Blue Nile is known as the most modern city countrywide. Being the capital in economy and commerce as well, your first stop in Khartoum should be the Presidential Palace Museum. The building which used to serve as an Anglican Church in the past has been converted into a museum in 2000 and hosts since then numerous works about the administrative and political background of Sudan, as well as the gifts received from other countries. Another impressing museum in the capital is the National Museum, exhibiting many works found in these lands from the ancient Christianity period till the present time. Khartoum also hosts the most modern building in the country: Burj el Fateh Hotel is worth-seeing, drawing interest by its captivating architecture, which can be visited without the need of accommodation.

The distinctive side of Sudan is that it owns utterly colorful markets and bazaars all around. Arab Market in Khartoum is the most famous market countrywide. You may try the local tastes and see regional beautiful carpets, buy souvenirs for your loved ones in the Arab Market regarded as the center of commerce in the country. The primary historical artifact in Sudan is located in Bagrawiya region, 200 kilometers north of the capital Khartoum.

Meroe Pyramids, built between 720 and 300 before Common Era is another outstanding attraction in the country which is also included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Moreover, Gebel Barkal, a small mountain in Karima town in the northern Sudan, hosts an attractive historical artifact. The mountain, which was used as a family cemetery of the kingdom, is home to many ancient pyramids dating back to 1450 before Common Era.

It would be reasonable to consider the option of car rental so as to visit all these ancient spots close to the capital and set your own route throughout your stay.

Port Sudan stands out by its natural gems. Sanganeb Marine National Park in northeast part of this city is an enthralling coral island declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The park hosts countless underwater species, together with various species of plants and animals. Another significant national park of Sudan is Dinder National Park. Having great importance ecologically, this park is home to hundreds of different species, including but not limited to giraffes, lions, ostriches and gazelles.

Juba, on the other hand, is among the most developed Sudanese cities, situated on the banks of White Nile, a main tributary of Nile River. You may see here the Mausoleum of John Garang, a notable leader who had a great role in the independence of South Sudan; have a pleasant walk along the Nile River; try fishing in the Lake Nasser, one of the largest man-made lakes of the world across the waters of Nile. Make sure to also visit the Tuti Island, a significant tourism center for Sudan, situated at the crossroads of White and Blue Nile.

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