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Are you ready to discover the culinary cultures of the world? There are countless dishes out there to appeal to all kinds of tastes. The flavors of the destinations we've selected are just waiting to be discovered.


The streets of Europe are filled with history, but it's also the perfect destination for a culinary adventure. European cuisine has something to offer every palate. French baguettes and Camembert, Dutch Gouda, Italian pizza... these are just some of the delights the continent has in store for visitors.

Athens | Barcelona | Belgrade | Bilbao | Bologna | Bordeaux | Brussels | Bucharest | Catania | Copenhagen | Dublin | Edinburgh | Genoa | Lisbon | Lyon | Malaga | Marseille | Milan | Munich | Nice | Paris | Prague | Rome | Torino | Toulouse | Vienna | Warsaw | Zurich


The cultural diversity of North America is reflected in its wonderful and varied cuisine. All the tastes of the world are represented here, from the Far East to Mexico, but there's nothing quite like an authentic American hamburger to sink your teeth into!

Atlanta | New York | San Francisco | Toronto


The cuisine of this charismatic and colorful continent is as hard to resist as its stunning beaches. Crunchy tacos seasoned with special spices, tropical dishes and incredible seafood characterize the food of South America.

Bogota | Buenos Aires | Havana | Sao Paulo


An evening meal on the sandy shores where lush forests meet sparkling oceans is an unforgettable experience, and that's just what you'll get in this region of Africa. Meat dishes, oysters and other fresh seafood are all on offer here, and there are plenty of tropical dishes cooked with coconut and banana leaf too. You're sure to find a taste you'll never forget.

Antananarivo | Bamako | Cape Town | Cotonou | Kilimanjaro


The Far East and Asia boasts a complex culture and deep philosophy behind its cooking, and it offers some of the most unique, enticing flavors any cuisine has to offer. Soups, noodles, traditional cooking techniques and of course sushi are all on the menu here.

Bangkok | Bombay | Hanoi | Hong Kong | Kuala Lumpur | Manila | Mumbai | Shanghai | Singapore | Taipei | Tokyo


The Middle East has one of the richest culinary cultures of the world, and getting to know it is a real treat. Meats dishes, kebabs, humus and falafel are just some of the favorites.

Beirut | Casablanca | Dubai | Marrakesh | Tel Aviv


The dishes of Türkiye's wide and varied cuisine are just too delicious to resist. Mezze, pastries, kebabs, grilled meats, vegetable dishes, home style cooking, milky desserts or indulgent baklava... the variety is endless. Every region has something for every taste, and there's nothing like discovering dishes in the cities which made them famous.

Adana | Adıyaman | Diyarbakır | Gaziantep | Hatay | Istanbul | Kayseri | Malatya | Mardin | Muğla | Şanlıurfa | Trabzon