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Before leaving home

Online services

  • While making your travel plans, review the flight restrictions applied by countries you will visit via the link.
  • Turkish Citizens may reduce contact at airport by getting their transaction stamp online.
  • You use our online channels for your check-in procedures to ensure social distance and minimum contact.

Mask use

  • Always wear your mask before leaving home. Masks should be changed in every 4 hours.
  • Wear your mask to cover your mouth and nose. Do not touch the front side of your mask.
  • lf you have a medical report for chronic illnesses such as Cardiac and respiratory disease or an illness that prevents you from wearing mask for a long time, such as autism, you can travel with a face shield.
  • Our passengers aged 6 and above have to wear masks In appropriate sizes.

In-flight services

  • As we have only water service for our flights under two hours, please consider your food requirements according to time you spend at the airport and duration of your flight.
  • As jacket/coat hanger service cannot be provided by the crew, you can use the hangers located in front of or next to your seat.

Personal precautions

  • Always carry your personal hygiene products with you. If there are people accompanying you during your flight, do not share these products with them.
  • Pay attention to your nail cleaning. Short nails reduce the risk of bacteria and dirt build-up on your hands.
  • Despite taking all necessary precautions if you are not feeling well, please change your travel plans for your and other passengers’ health.