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Romantic towns waiting to be discovered on Valentine’s Day

Do you wish to discover lesser known but excellent European towns in Valentine’s Day?

Some remained under the shadow of great cities, some still waiting to be discovered. From France to Austria, from Italy to Portugal, we have searched for you Europe’s most beautiful towns for a romantic Valentine’s Day vacation.

Colmar, France

Colmar, the capital of French Alsace region, always impresses its visitors with its colorful half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and channels. With light effects reflected on houses and waters especially during nights, Colmar makes you feel like you are living a fairytale. You can walk around the cinnamon scented streets and visit Dominican Church, Maison des Tetes and Maison Pfister houses. Do not return from Colmar without tasting Kugelhopf dessert, Eggy pudding, pear tart Tarte Aux Poires and macarons. You can purchase a Basel flight ticket to discover this small town. By renting a car, you can reach Colmar from Basel with a 30-minute ride.

Hallstatt, Austria

Included in UNESCO World Heritage List, Austria's oldest town Hallstatt is located in the country’s lakes region. The town becomes quite romantic especially when hidden in snow during winter months. In this town where you will ceaselessly desire to take photos, you can visit salt mines or watch the town panoramically by climbing to Skywalker. You can rent a yacht or boat in the lake and discover Hallstatt Market Region afterwards. Duck or Schnitzel are our recommendation for a romantic dinner in restaurants on its narrow and colorful streets. You can purchase a Salzburg flight ticket for a romantic getaway. You can reach the town by renting a car after your flight.

Sintra, Portugal

Located in Portugal’s Lisbon region, Sintra is another town in Europe waiting to be discovered. Standing out for its exquisite monuments and architectural buildings dating back to Romantic Period, Sintra is quite impressive with its cobblestone streets and colorful houses. You can visit boutiques or discover Pena, Regaleira and Sintra National Palace. You should definitely taste chestnut stew, chestnut soup and duck magret. You can purchase a Lisbon flight ticket for Sintra and reach the town in around 40 minutes by renting a car.

Alberobello, Italy

Being prominent among the exotic towns of Southern Italy, Alberobello’s Trulli houses catches the eyes. With their conical dry masonry and painted only in white & gray, these houses have an interesting story. Dating back to early 14th century, Trulli houses were built for tax exemption. Due to the reason that their roofs could be dismantled easily and roofless houses were not regarded as buildings, the owners did not have to pay any taxes for them. Now the majority of the houses are hosting museums or souvenir shops. Aja Piccola, Trullo Sovrano used as a museum and Sanctuary of the Holy Doctors are among the landmarks worth seeing in the town. Do not return back from Alberobello without watching the sunset from Belvedere Terrace. You can purchase a Bari flight ticket to discover Alberobello and nearby towns in the Puglia region.

Bled, Slovenia

Located in the upper Carniolan region of Slovenia, Bled takes its name from the nearby lake. Having an enchanting lake view, the town inspires photographs with the Assumption Church located on an island in this lake. While you are in Bled, you can visit the Vintgar Gorge Canyon, Slap Savica Falls and Bohinj Lake located in Triglav National Park. Walking around the lake or visiting the island on gondola style boats can be a very romantic occasion in Bled if you are planning for the best Valentine’s Day holiday. You can purchase a Ljubljana flight ticket to visit Bled. You can easily discover Bled and surrounding towns by renting a car.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

With its farm houses, small bridges, channels and exquisite nature, Giethoorn will be the favorite for those seeking a romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day. Founded ca. 1230 by refugees from the Mediterranean, this fairytale town get its name from the horns of wild goats died during the flood. You can take a romantic tour on boats or canoes in this town which is also known as Venice of the North. You can discover all of the town by renting a bike. Just purchase an Amsterdam flight ticket for Giethoorn to completely enjoy its serenity, nature and romanticism.

Various towns in Europe are waiting to tell their stories for a Valentine’s Day holiday.