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Happy World Chocolate Day!

Another great excuse to eat chocolate: 7 July World Chocolate Day! Adding taste and happiness to our lives, our love for chocolate is boundless. We have brought together the cities famous for their chocolates from all around the World. If you want to embark on a delicious journey accompanied by the sweet smell of chocolate, you are on the right page. Get ready for a travel that will take you to the heart of chocolate like in fairy tales.

Brussels, Belgium

Known as the capital of chocolate, Brussels is surrounded by chocolatiers. This city is so fond of chocolate that each district has its own unique recipes and traditional chocolates. The only thing remaining for you to discover these chocolates is to buy a Brussels flight ticket and walk around the city inch by inch. In addition, Brussels is home to the greatest chocolate brands of the World.

Paris, France

The World’s most romantic city appeals to the heart of chocolate lovers. Paris accommodates more than 300 chocolatiers. Famous for its dark and hot chocolates, the city hosts chocolate tours and contests as well. Buy your Paris flight ticket to embark on a delicious journey and plan the stops of your exclusive chocolate tour with a fun research.

Cologne, Germany

Germany is known for its fondness for chocolate and Cologne is accepted as the city of chocolate. Here, there are chocolate brands more than one hundred fifty years old. Chocolate tourism is so developed that more than 5 million people visit a chocolate factory at the city in one year. This factory produces more than 100 thousand tons of chocolate. By buying a Cologne City flight ticket , you can take a vacation filled with delicious chocolate.

Zurich, Switzerland

When milk chocolate is mentioned, the first city that comes to mind is of course Zurich! In the city, there are many huge chocolate factories, each different from one another. What about attending tasting events at these factories organized exclusively for chocolate lovers. You can try different kinds of chocolates like sea salted and cinnamon, and you can taste flavors that you have never encountered before. You can buy a Zurich City flight ticket to experience delicious moments covered with chocolate along the magnificent view of Alps.