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Bridging the continents, the world’s largest network encompasses managers to pilots, cabin crew to technicians; Dedication is key to our big family from business partnerships to media and other units. Every day we bring people closer, transport you swiftly, make cities more accessible and spread joy. We are the prestigious face of our country in the sky and we continue to provide privileged airline travels...

Turkish Airlines A.O


Cockpit Personnel


Cabin Personnel


Other Staff

Subsidiaries & Affiliates


Passenger and Cargo Transportation


Maintenance and Repair (MRO)


In Flight Production


Support Services

Total Carried Passengers (Million)

Total Revenue ( mn USD )

The world’s biggest network

The country-specific restrictions and health measures we have taken during the pandemic may result in changes in the destinations. Please check the current flight plan for the up-to-date list of destinations.

Relevant data belong to the date of 27.05.2022.