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Happy Language Day!

When is the Turkish Language Day?

The first Turkish Language Convention in history was held on 26 September 1932. Therefore, September 26 began to be celebrated as the Language Day. Every year on this date, the importance of language is emphasized, and various Language Day events are organized by the Turkish Language Association. Among these events, conferences on language and literature stand out.

European Day of Languages

The number of European languages recognized by the European Union exceeds 20. And this number reaches 60 if regional languages are included as well. Most spoken languages in Europe is Russian, German, French, Italian and English. There are more than 50 million people speaking these languages fluently.

When is the European Day of Languages?

European Day of Languages began to be celebrated from 2001 which was selected as the European Year of Languages. After the end of the campaign, the European Council decided to transform the European Languages initiative into an annual event. Every year since then, it is celebrated as the September 26 European Day of Languages. At this special day, the richness of language is invigorated with the European Day of Languages events organized all around the continent.

Vienna and Graz, Austria

Pinocchio and Multilingualism in Europe event is organized with the participation of students, and includes projects and presentations of book collections in 35 languages. Workshops like Pinocchio making and Pinocchio travel exhibition are included to the event as well. You can buy a Vienna flight ticket or Graz flight ticket to participate in this event held between 26 - 27 September.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Meet and converse event consists of 10-minute conversations in European languages. Including a variety of events such as language games and tests, it is organized in Earth and Man National Museum. You can buy a Sofia flight ticket to participate in this event held on September 26.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Language Café and Mini Sessions event consists of the animated film, The Little Prince, conference and book exhibition. You can buy a Copenhagen flight ticket to participate in this event open to everyone held on September 26 at the Niels Brock International School.

Paris, France

Race of Languages event is a treasure hunt in different European Union languages consisting of 15 stops with the objective to emphasize the diversity of European languages. You can buy a Paris flight ticket to participate in this event held on September 26 at Mairie de Paris.

Dublin, Ireland

Our Language Heritage, Today and Tomorrow event underlines the history and richness of the Irish language and its impact on other languages. Guided tours around the city’s landmarks draws attention to how language heritage can be preserved. You can buy a Dublin flight ticket to participate in this event held on September 26.

London, United Kingdom

European Sign Language and United Kingdom Cultural Language Heritage Celebrations include academic conversations on sign language and various regional languages. You can buy a London flight ticket to participate in this event held on September 26 at Europe House.