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What is Touristanbul?

What is Touristanbul?

Touristanbul is a free layover service for all international transfer Turkish Airlines passengers. Anyone who flies through İstanbul and has a 6-24 hours layover time welcome to Touristanbul.

After you arrive at Istanbul Airport, you will be picked up. Then you will be taken to the historical places and beautiful restaurants. You will enjoy İstanbul’s historical and natural beauties rather than wasting your time waiting at the airport. After a marvelous tour, you will be taken to the Istanbul Airport.

During the tour, you will be able to see the most significant historical sights of a city that has hosted major civilizations of the world. You will be a privileged visitor of the many magnificent traces that each of them has left in history. If the waiting time between your connecting flights in Istanbul allows, you shouldn’t miss this experience.

An amazing experience

Touristanbul offers you to see the beautiful sights of Istanbul where has hosted major civilizations of the world!

Discover the sights

Frequently asked questions

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