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IR Magazine names Turkish Airlines Investor Relations as the “Best Investor Relations in Turkey” in 2015

Turkish Airlines, ranked as the best airline in Europe five years in a row, added another mark to its continued period of success. In IR Magazine Awards-Europe 2015, one of the most prestigious awards in the investor relations community, Turkish Airlines Investor Relations was choosen as the “Best in Turkey” and took its place among the best four in Southern Europe. This year’s winners were determined with independent votes of 791 analysts and portfolio managers from 26 countries around the world.

In addition to Turkish Airlines, the other world renowned award winners include Novo Nordisk, BASF, Unilever, and Continental. The event was hosted by IR Magazine, one of the most prominent and respected Investor Relations publications in the world.

Apart from the other awards in the finance world, participating companies cannot submit their nominations to the IR Magazine awards. Instead, IR Magazine selects nominees by getting in touch with investment professionals from its proprietary investor database and grants awards after conduvting comprehensive surveys.

About IR Magazine

Originally launched by the Economist Group in 1988, IR Magazine is the only global publication that focuses on interactions between companies and their investors. In addition to producing articles, research reports, and perception studies, IR Magazine hosts numerous investor relations events around the world.

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