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  • According to the Circular published by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior, as of September 6, 2021 (included), the requirement of vaccination/experienced disease or a negative result of PCR test applied within 48 hours at the latest shall be sought via the HES code during check-in in our domestic flights.
  • Within the framework of the criteria determined by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, in order for the vaccines accepted by the ministry to satisfy the criteria for admission to flight, administration of one dose is required for Johnson & Johnson and two doses for other vaccines, and 14 days must have passed after the last dose.
  • For people who are immune to COVID-19, vaccination and PCR testing are not required. Our passengers who have had the COVID-19 disease and a maximum of 180 days have passed after their PCR test with positive result are deemed as immune.
  • For our passengers who have had the COVID-19 disease, a single dose of vaccination is considered adequate without a limitation of time after a minimum of 14 days have passed upon their PCR test with positive result.
  • The requirement applies for all our passengers aged 18 (entered the age of 18) and over.
  • The international flights with domestic connections (e.g. flight from Trabzon to London via İstanbul) are out of the scope of the application.
  • For our passengers to be able to do their check-in transactions, they are required to have given confirmation to displaying o Vaccination Status, Disease Status and Test Status via the HES Code Settings section of the application of "Hayat Eve Sığar" (Life Fits into Home). The confirmation process is explained in the screenshots below.
  • Our passengers who fail to be eligible for the criteria specified in the circular published by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior may not have their check-in transactions done and shall not be admitted to board the flight. Our passengers whose specimens have been given within the last 48 hours and whose PCR test results have been received positive or who cannot meet the required conditions to board the flight may have transactions done within the framework of the rights recognised to our passengers whom we cannot admit to our flights under the circular published by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior.