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Flights to Israel

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New Israeli Shekel 8,712 million
New Year (January 01), Purim (March 01 Mart), Shushan Purim (March 25), Independence Day (April 19), Jerusalem Day (May 13), Shavuot (May 20), Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) (September 10-11), Yom Kippur (September 19), Sukkot (September 24), Shimchat Torah (October 02), Hanukah (December 03)

Situated at the crossroads of Asia and Africa, Israel is an attractive destination where people from all races and religions live together, as the birthplace of the religions shaping the history of humanity. Having witnessed the world’s most ancient tales up to now, the country is home to numerous historic artifacts despite its small area. As the lands regarded sacred for three major religions, Israel is a significant destination for belief tourism as well. What is more, you may have a chance to enjoy sunbathing in the beaches of Tel Aviv along the Mediterranean Sea, listed as the world’s bests by National Geographic, join diving tours in the Red Sea, or explore the well-preserved archeological artifacts throughout the history during your stay in this magnificent country.

Take a look at the flights to Israel offered by Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a pleasant journey of high quality to this adorable country established in the middle of a desert to witness the power of the belief holding together the people from different cultures, explore the primeval lands as the world’s oldest settlements and enjoy the peerless blue of the Mediterranean.

Flight Details

Israel flight details

Turkish Airlines flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) or Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) land at Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) in Tel Aviv city within nearly two hours.

Many historic spots countrywide, especially Jerusalem is flooded by both believers and history fanciers all year round. The country with a Mediterranean climate in general can be visited at all seasons; it is not likely to encounter harsh weather conditions throughout the year.

The only reason behind the popularity of Israel all seasons is not only the belief or sea tourism. Yet, the country succeeds in arousing interest by its utterly colorful and unique festivals as well. Eilat Birds Festival, for instance is one of the most attractive events taking place countrywide. Israel serves as a stop for the migration route of millions of birds in March, the peak of spring migration. You may attend this festival offering to see more than 240 bird species and witness the enthralling landscape of the birds flying in the sky. Another event organized in Eilat is the Red Sea Jazz Festival. During this festival held at the end of July every year, eight or nine jazz performances take place every day where the streets are filled with the lovely melodies of jazz. Jerusalem Summer Festival, on the other hand, is the most long-running festival countrywide. Lasting for two months in July and August, this festival is held with countless dance, music and theatre performances at the streets, parks and gardens of the Old Town.

In addition to all these, there are also events to witness the idiosyncratic traditions of the country. Karmiel Dance Fest held in August every year at the city of Karmiel offers pleasant moments where Israeli dancers perform stunning dance shows, whereas Safed Klezmer Festival held in August would be an ideal event to listen to the best traditional music.

Attraction Points

Israel sightseeing and attractions

As a sacred place for three monotheistic religions and therefore always being a disputed territory, Jerusalem is declared as World Heritage Site in Danger by UNESCO. The city’s Old Town hosts many spots of high religious value, including the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first kiblah of Muslims. Regarded as a sacred place in Islamic world, Al-Aqsa Mosque is also known as “Haram esh-Sharif”. The Dome of the Rock, built by the Umayyads, which is among the first domed works of Islamic world, is a spot which has been a great significance for Muslims throughout the history. The Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque are located on the same hill in Jerusalem.

This hill, often cited by the Jewish people as Temple Mount is one of the holiest sites in the city. The hill, which, according to Judaism, is the mountain where the Prophet Abraham sacrificed his son Isaac, remains as an enthralling spot which has served as an administrative hub for the Knights of Templar as well. The Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism belief is one of the most impressing and crowd-pulling spots in Jerusalem. Drawing interest of not only the believers but also the history fanciers, Western Wall, also known as Wailing Wall is the only ruins of Great Temple managed to survive until today. Simply fascinating by its height of 18 meters, this wall should definitely be seen during your visit to Israel.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which, according to the Christian belief, is located on the hill where Jesus was crucified, together with Yad Vashem, built for commemorating 6 million Jews murdered by Nazis during the World War II, the Mount of Olives regarded as holy land for three major religions, and the Bible Lands Museum where cultural elements about the communities mentioned in the Bible, are among the top worth-seeing spots, attracting a considerable number of visitors.

Located 10 kilometers to Jerusalem, Bethlehem on the other hand, shines out as the birthplace of Jesus. Apart from the church where Jesus was born, there are many attractions to see in Bethlehem. It is possible to reach via a short drive this city, which is of a vital importance for the Christian world. Another city which can be reached by a one to two hours drive, Eilat is another fascinating destination by its location along the Red Sea, vast beaches, luxury hotels, stunning corals, diving centers and colorful nightlife, which gets credit by all the visitors.

The most visited destination in Israel after Jerusalem is Tel Aviv, the country’s westward city where there is a dominant young population. The White City in the center was built by Jewish architects of German origin during 1930s, inspired from Bauhaus style, and stands out as a captivating neighborhood by its chalk white fronts, plain details and geometric balconies, proclaimed by UNESCO the World Cultural Heritage Site. This adorable city along the Mediterranean Sea succeeds being one of the favorite destinations of sea tourism by its splendid beaches. Gordon Beach, Banana Beach, Metzizim Beach and Hilton Beach rank among the top popular beaches in the city. During your stay here, you may enjoy the sea and sun all day long, and then visit Carmel Market where Jewish, Christian and Muslim merchants sell their goods, buy some impressive souvenirs, or have a pleasant walk in Hayarkon Park to breathe in the fresh Mediterranean air, go for a walk in Tel Aviv Jaffa walking track along with a spectacular view.

You may consider the option of car rental to expand your route and explore all the attractions that should definitely be seen in Israel.

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