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Rights granted to passengers whose flights are canceled Learn more

Passengers whose flights are canceled due to latest situation in Sudan can benefit from the rights specified in the flight disruptions page.

Ticket changes

  • Ticket changes can be conducted through the Turkish Airlines website and mobile applications and this link.

Ticket refunds

  • Refunds can be conducted through the Turkish Airlines website and mobile applications, call center as well as through the agency that issued the ticket.
  • By clicking on this link, you can perform the transcation for refunds for tickets purchased through mobile apps, website or call center.

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Privileges offered to passengers with flights that have not been canceled Learn more

Due to the chaos conditions in Sudan, for passengers who have bookings on the flights from and to Hartum (KRT) between 15/04/2023-30/06/2023 and be ticketed on/before 30/04/2023, providing that their tickets are revalidated until 31/07/2023 (included), disregarding of related fare rules: 

1) Rebooking and rerouting changes:

Rebooking will be made, to the flights until 31/07/2023 (included) with any charge. The rule is also valid for the different reservation booking classes in the same cab. The rule is also

Valid for the different reservation booking classes in the same cabın.

2) Rerouting will be made according to (original) fare rules.

3) Refund requests:

Refund will be made with any charge regardless of fare rules.

4) Extension of validity:

Validity of ticket can be extended unit 31/07/2023 (included) with any fare difference or penalty.

The request to extend the ticket period after 31/07/2023 will be made in accordance with the original fare rules.

5) Codeshare time applications:

In the same ticket, transaction will be provided in accordance with the original fee rules in interline flights, while our partner is marketing carrier.

6) In case of change requests for group reservations for whıch payment has been paıd or for whıch the warranty mco has been recieved,

Changes in the route will not be allowed. Reservation changes can be made provided that the requested changes are in the same cab the change is made until 31/07/2023 (included),

And new reservations are made for flights until 31/07/2023 (included). Refund requests will be made accordıng to the original fare rules and no waıve application will be made with the scope of this telex.

7) Changes in the above applications will be limited to a time and penalty and diffferences will be considered in accordance with the policy rules for the personal change requirements.