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Private dining service

We greet our passengers with special treats according to their medical conditions, religious beliefs or dietary preferences, or because they request special meals for their infants and children. We ensure that your flight features a feast of delicious flavors prepared by our talented chefs using only the freshest ingredients.

What you should know

  • Special meal requests must be submitted at least 24 hours before the flight via our website, mobile application, call center or sales offices.
  • Members of Miles&Smiles can manage special meal preferences through their accounts. Unless an additional request is made, the selected menu will be served for flights booked with Miles&Smiles membership.
  • We cannot accept liability for allergic reactions because we cannot commit to keeping our aircraft allergen-free. Passengers who are allergic to a specific food can select a special meal from the options or do so during the reservation process.
  • There is no need to create a demand for Muslim food because the meals served on Turkish Airlines flights are prepared according to Islamic methods.M
  • You can find more information about our special food service on the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • The menu items we provide to Economy Class and Business Class passengers differ.
  • If you are allergic to hazelnuts or peanuts, we recommend that you read the information box below.

*It may rarely change due to operational reasons.

To the attention of our passengers with peanut and hazelnut allergy

Severe allergic reactions, although rare in flight must be considered in advance. If you have a specific allergy (such as a food allergy, nut allergy or peanut allergy) that you know of, please consult your doctor and evaluate travel risks before your trip. 

If you are prone to any serious allergic reactions caused by the consumption of nuts, foodstuffs and any derivatives in your surroundings, have your doctor's report, epinephrine/adrenaline auto-injector prescribed by your doctor, and any other medicines with you in your hand baggage. You must have your prescription for the auto-injector and doctor’s report with you to ensure that you do not have problems passing through the airport security and make sure to check any precautions that must be taken before the flight. Passengers who have severe nut and peanut allergies, that are not carrying a doctor’s report with them, may not be admitted to the flight for flight security purposes. 

If you have nut and peanut allergies, you should inform the cabin crew of your allergies in case an emergency may arise, and show your medication and doctor's note that states what needs to be done in case of emergency. Our cabin crew is trained in first aid, but if you have a serious allergy we also advise you to travel with a relative that can help you. 

The meals and treats served on our flights may include hazelnuts, or peanuts and other foodstuffs. If passengers with hazelnut and peanut allergies state their allergies via Turkish Airlines sales channels up to 48 hours before their flight, an allergen-free menu will be made ready for the passenger. The menu will be exclusive for the passenger with the food allergy and there shall be no changes in the menus served to the other passengers. However, we cannot guarantee that other passengers will not bring foodstuffs containing nuts and nut particles may spread in the aircraft during the flight through the air conditioning system.

Despite the precautions taken on your flight, we cannot accept any responsibility for any allergic reactions that may occur as we cannot ensure our aircraft is free of nuts such as hazelnuts and peanuts.

Special meals related to health status

Diabetic meal (DBML)

Prepared for passengers with diabetes (high sugar levels). Meals are served with very little sugar and balanced amounts of protein, fat, fiber and complex carbohydrates.

Does not include fried food. Contains some or all of: fat-free meat and dairy products, skinned poultry, fish and seafood products, vegetables, fruit. Served with whole grain bread, and other grains products.

Gluten-free meal (GFML)

The meal does not contain food items with gluten. However, it may contain trace of gluten. It is not preferable for passengers with wheat allergies.
As GFML; meat, fish, seafood, poultry, fruit, vegetable, rice, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, gluten-free oat, buckwheat, egg, dairy products, legumes, quinoa, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, oils, fats, products with gluten-free certificate are served.

Special meals related to religional beliefs

Kosher meal (KSML)

Food is prepared in accordance with Kosher Standards.

Our meal, which is prepared in accordance with kosher cuisine, is sealed twice after packaging.

Jain – Vegetarian Hindu meal (VJML)

It is prepared with a variety of Indian sauces and spices for our vegetarian travellers who adhere to strict rules according to Jain principles.

Does not contain poultry, meat, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products, root vegetables, and vegetables from the onion family. Contains some or all of: fruit, vegetables, spices, tofu, pulses, rice, and grains.

Asian Vegetarian Meal (AVML)

Prepared with a variety of Indian sauces and spices for our vegetarian travellers who prefer Indian style vegetarian meals.

Does not contain any type of meat and meat products, fish, seafood, eggs or animal-derived gelatin. Contains some or all of: vegetables, fresh fruit, dried fruit, pulses, milk and dairy products, tofu and grains.

Hindu Non-Vegetarian Meal (HNML)

Prepared for passengers who follow Hindu custom. Meals are non-vegetarian and cooked Indian style.

Does not contain veal, beef and their products, and raw/smoked fish. Contains some or all of: lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products and grains.

Special meals related to nutrition

Strict vegan meal (VGML)

Prepared for passengers who do not consume foods that contain animal-based products.

Does not contain animal products (meat and meat derivatives such as honey, eggs, dairy products, fish, poultry). Contains some or all of: high-protein foods like lentils, tofu, beans, vegetables, fresh fruit, dried fruit, and nuts which are rich in iron and calcium.

Special meals related to infants and children

Baby meal (BBML)

Baby food in glass jars is offer to baby passengers under two years of age. 

*You can bring liquid or solid infant formula that your baby is accustomed to in containers up to 100 ml.

Does not contain meat with bones, spicy foods, wheat, gluten, fish, eggs, acidic fruit or beef. Contains some or all of: fruit, vegetables, meat puree, and desert.

Child meal (CHML)

Prepared and served in accordance with the nutrition needs of children between the ages of 2 and 12.

Does not contain fish or meat with bones, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, spicy foods, dressings, and sauces, or boiled sweets (hard candy). Contains some or all of: grated carrot, cheese, crackers, finger food, fresh fruit, and fruit juice.