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A comfortable and safe journey with your pet

While you enjoy the thrill of exploring the world with your pet, we take care of their comfort and safety. We ensure that pets travel in the best possible conditions and that our passengers have a pleasant and worry-free flight experience.

Make a reservation using our website or mobile app.

You can make a reservation for your pet using your reservation code (PNR) information on our website or mobile application.

Make a reservation

Calculate your pet’s transportation cost and leave no room for surprises.

You can easily calculate your pet transportation fee on our page before your domestic or international flights.


Traveling with Pets

Transport in the cargo compartment

Learn about pets that can be transported in the aircraft cargo hold.

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Country-based situations

Check the rules and conditions regarding pet acceptance at your destination.

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All terms and conditions

Get all the details you need about traveling with pets.

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Pets allowed on board

Learn more about booking and boarding pets.

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Service animals (SVAN)

Learn more about the service animals that assist our disabled passengers.

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Transport in the cabin

Check out the breeds of dogs, cats and birds that can be carried in the cabin.

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Frequently asked questions about traveling with pets

What types of pets are allowed on board?

Cats, dogs and small songbirds (parakeets, canaries) are the only types of pets permitted in the aircraft cabin. These animals can also be transported in the aircraft cargo hold.

What is the pet carriage fee?

Before traveling with your pet, you can calculate the fee here.

Are there weight or size limits for my pet?

Pets traveling in the aircraft cabin cannot exceed a total of 8 kg, including their carrier. The carrier dimensions must be no more than 23 cm in height, 30 cm in width and 40 cm in length. For pets traveling in the aircraft cargo hold, carriers/cages cannot exceed 75 cm in height, 75 cm in width and 125 cm in length. The total weight of the carrier and the pet together cannot exceed 50 kg.