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Turkish Airlines Corporate Culture


Being a family

The concept of family plays an important part in our corporate culture. Our family is made up of respectful and tolerant individuals who act in unity and with integrity, supporting each other in every situation.We take the confidence inspired by our organization into the future by creating an environment of communication in which our employees can feel comfortable, express their ideas freely, and share their successes.

Being a team

In our sector, success is only possible through faultless teamwork. For this reason, we believe that all our employees, from office staff to cabin crews, and including those working in many different locations, need to work in harmony with a team-player approach. We are committed to creating an environment in which there is faultless information flow and experiences can be shared in the best possible way.

Being hospitable

Correctly understanding the needs of our passengers and responding to them in a sincere and friendly manner is one of our most important principles. In a rapidly changing and developing sector, our hospitality is a barometer of the courtesy, respect, and care we show both inside and outside our organization. The important role of hospitality in our corporate culture is instilled in our employees and we ensure that our staff and passengers feel as if they are in their own homes whenever they are with Turkish Airlines.

Being dependable

One of the leading concepts of our corporate culture is dependability. The experience we have gained from our many years in the aviation sector is the most prominent reason for our ever-increasing dependability. This accumulated resource is an important factor in enabling us to provide an environment in which our employees trust the organization and the organization trusts its employees. Furthermore, we create a dependable working environment for all the employees in our organization by providing social opportunities and every facility for education, technology, and other activities. We know that the continuation of our image as a dependable organization is primarily dependent on our ability to win the confidence of our employees.

Being responsive

Our team is made up of employees who are able to provide the fastest and most appropriate service to our passengers. With our solution-focused, tolerant employees, who are aware of their surroundings and use their experience to take the initiative, we aim to deal with problems as soon as they arise, averting any adverse situations our passengers might experience during their journey.