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First stop Istanbul

Istanbul, a treasure trove of history, is a modern city that rests upon the ruins of great empires. Centrally located, Istanbul, at one with nature, is surrounded by the beautiful Bosphorus sea, and is the only city in the World to straddle two continents, the East and West. Istanbul is your first stop with its magical atmosphere, you will be embark upon unforgettable adventures.

Districts of Istanbul

Lively Istanbul has always drawn a crowd. The districts of Istanbul are distinct and inhabited by people of different cultures.

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Istanbul’s food culture

Enrichen you tastebuds and sample the famous dishes of Istanbul’s food culture, the consequence of an intermingling of many cultures.

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Mosques of Istanbul

Culturally diverse and historically-rich Istanbul has much to offer. Come and see for yourself the grand mosques that are landmarks of a vast history.

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The historical churches of Istanbul

Step back in time at the historical churches of Istanbul and experience the fusion of many cultures.

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Museums of Istanbul

Istanbul is home to some of the best museums in the World.
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The historical palaces of Istanbul

Istanbul is home to some glorious palaces, they are scattered across the city, from Sultanahmet to Besiktas, Ortakoy to Beylerbeyi.

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Historical bazaars of Istanbul

Discover the four bazaars of Istanbul, with many colorful and vibrant shops for you to explore.

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Istanbul’s historical hamams

The traditional Turkish cleansing ritual is best enjoyed in the great historical hamams that have been beautifully crafted to ensure a pleasurable, invigorating experience.

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The world's meeting point, Istanbul Airport

Find out all you need to know about Istanbul Airport! Get all the information you need, such as Video guide, frequently asked questions, transportation information and lounges.

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