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2019 Festivals in Turkey

The festival season has began with spring. Festivals are organized in many cities of Turkey, from cinema, music, theatre to chocolate. We have researched Turkey's leading festivals for you.


International Orange Blossom Carnival

03-07 April Adana

There are numerous cultural and artistic events held annually at the International Orange Blossom Carnival in Adana, and the highlight event will be the costume cortege which will take place on the Saturday 6 April. During the carnival you can find a variety of vibrant street performances, dance shows and concerts to enjoy all over the city. Book a flight to Adana to celebrate the only carnival in Turkey.

Ankara International Music Festival

04-25 April Ankara

The 36th Ankara International Music Festival will feature around 400 artists and ensembles from Germany, Brazil, Estonia, France, Georgia, Spain, Italy and Ukraine, performing classical music, dance and jazz pieces. For this great musical privilege book a flight to Ankara.

Istanbul Film Festival

05-16 April Istanbul

The 38th Istanbul Film Festival will present the most discussed works of Turkish cinema and world cinema. Istanbul Film Festival is at the heart of Turkish cinema and offers masterpieces of great directors, the classics, new works and cults classics. Stay up-to-date with new releases and book a flight to Istanbul.

Flavors of the World Festival

06 April Istanbul

Flavors of the World Festival brings you a delicious feast from Turkish, Italian, American, Asian and French cuisine. Amble along to music as you peruse the restaurants stands brimming with a limitless number of treats. The best chefs in Turkey and the world will be holding talks and food courses. To join in the festival fun, book a flight to Istanbul.

Alaçatı Herb Festival

05-07 April Izmir

A feast for the eyes is nigh at the Alaçatı Herb Festival. Gaze in awe upon the sheer variety of herbs, learn secret recipes and allow yourself revel in the fine display of regional herbs. A cortege will usher you into the first day of the program. Don’t miss out on this delightful experience, book a flight to Izmir.

Chocolate&Desserts Festival

12-14 April Izmir

Delicious treats await you at the Chocolate&Desert Festival where you can find chocolate desserts, sherbet dessert, cakes and much more. This festival will take place in Izmir, a beautiful sea side city. In addition to dessert decadence, there will be art, fashion and dancers galore. Join in the festivities and book a flight to Izmir.

Çukurova Rock Festival

18-21 April Adana

The top Turkish rock bands and musicians will be gathering for Çukurova Rock Festival. Adana is calling all music lovers everywhere. Join in the fun and book a flight to Adana.

International Ankara Film Festival

18-28 April Ankara

Brace yourself for the Ankara International Film Festival. Local and foreign movies from all over the world will be screened for your viewing pleasure. If you are a cinephile or a film lover book a flight to Ankara, because this is the perfect festival for you.

Tulip Festival

24-29 April Istanbul

During the 14th Tulip Festival, there will many festivities and events occurring at Emirgan Grove and Goztepe 60. Years Park. Book a flight to Istanbul to frolic amongst the tulips at this special festival.

Konya Tam1 Festival

25 April Konya

Konya Tam1Fest, brings together nature, students, and furry friends. Great performers such as: Selda Bağcan, Mor ve Ötesi, Feridun Düzağaç, Manuş Baba, Haluk Levent and Can Bonomo will take to the stage. Join in the festival fun and book a flight to Konya.

Balıkesir Youth Festival

27-28 April Balıkesir

Famous musicians will be gathering at the Balıkesir Youth Festival this year on the 27th and the 28th of April. To experience Balıkesir’s one and only youth festival, book a flight to Balıkesir.

101 Istanbul Flavors Festival

29 April Istanbul

As always, the 101 Istanbul Flavors Festival is here to bring you the most delicious food, most qualified restaurants and most talented chefs this year. Take part in the feast and book a flight to Istanbul.


MilyonFest Izmir

02-05 May Izmir

The biggest rock celebration in Izmir is taking place on the 2-3-4-5 of May. All music lovers are meeting at Karşıyaka to watch famous musicians: MFÖ, Şebnem Ferah, Athena, Selda Bağcan, Manga, Ceza, Pentagram, Pilli Bebek, Pinhani and Pamela take to the stage. Make the most of Izmir at the great concerts and book a flight to Izmir.

Edirne Spring Festival

02-04 May Edirne

Great pop singers will be taking the stage at the Edirne Spring Festival from 2-3-4 of May, such as Gülşen, Mehmet Erdem, Yıldız Tilbe and Gaye Su Akyol. To join in the festival fun, you can book a flight to Istanbul, or book a flight to Tekirdağ. To reach the festival area, you can rent a car.

Urban Picnic

03-04 May Istanbul

Turkey’s first night-time picnic Urban Picnic is on the 3-4 of May this year at Kemerburgaz. Prepare yourself for delicious treats and surprise performances. For a unique experience, book a flight to Istanbul.


03-05 May Ankara

The flower-filled festival Floralfest will take place in Ankara on 3-4-5 of May. Flower scents will fill the air as Turkey’s most creative florists assemble to amaze you with workshops, and information on hundreds of different flowers. For an incredible experience, book a flight to Ankara.

Colorful Fest Konya

04 May Konya

Color Fest, also known as Dream of Color Fest around the world will take place on the 4th of May at Konya this year. There will be color fights, Hindu dance performances and live performances at this festival. For exciting festival fun, book a flight to Konya.

Genç Bi Şenlik

04 May Istanbul

Genç Bir Şenlik is a favorite for Istanbul highschoolers, and will be attended by great musicians Manga, Haluk Levent, Adamlar, in its fourth year. Book a flight to Istanbul to be amongst music lovers and for amazing performances.

Baba Fingo Fest

05 May Edirne

Baba Fingo Fest will take place on May 4th in Edirne with Suzan Kardeş and Balık Ayhan in attendance. To join the fun book a flight to Istanbul or book a flight to Tekirdağ. To reach the festival area, rent a car.


Big Fest

08 June Istanbul

Aiming to be the biggest youth festival in Turkey, Big Fest, will take place in Istanbul on the 9th of June. Teoman, Edis and Melek Mosso will be taking to the stage. For a fun-filled festival, book a flight to Istanbul.

Istanbul Music Festival

11-30 June Istanbul

In order to contribute to the production of contemporary music, the Istanbul Music Festival, has commissioned composers at home and abroad, and will be hosting the world premiere of two new such productions. You are in for a music-filled, historical treat as this festival will take place in some of the most historical places in Istanbul. Discover the Istanbul Music Festival and book a flight to Istanbul.

ITECH Technology Congress and Fair

14-16 June Ankara

Ankara’s first technology fair I-TECH will take place at Ankara University, from the 14-15-15 June 2019. For those curious about technology this is an ideal choice, just book a flight to Ankara.

Bebek Festival

14-16 June Istanbul

The annual Bebek Festival held in Bebek Park, is a shopper’s dream. Displays brim with beautiful clothes and decorations belonging to designer brands. In addition, the festival has delicious food on offer when you are not browsing the beautiful surroundings, as Bebek Park overlooks the Bosphorus. To take in the scenic views, enjoy a vibrant festival and enjoy a pleasant trip in Bebek, Book a flight to Istanbul.

Chill Out Festival

15-16 June Istanbul

Chill-Out Festival is one of the most popular music festivals in Turkey and it’s no wonder with so many great musicians lined up. For the festival of a lifetime, book a flight to Istanbul.

The 1975 & Starsailor

16 June Istanbul

World-famous bands The 1975 and Starsailor will be performing at Istanbul on the evening of 16th of June. To watch amazing performances, book a flight to Istanbul.

Enfest Street Flavors Festival

19-23 June Ankara

Enfest Street Festival, will be held from 19-23 June in Ankara. Artists Can Bonomo and Yeni Türkü will take to the stage. Book a flight to Ankara for a gastronomic treats accompanied by great music.

Samsun Youth Festival

20-23 June Samsun

The biggest festival in the Blacksea region, the Samsun Youth Festival, delivers music lovers from far and wide to join in the musical fun. The most popular bands and musicians favoured by the youth of the Blacksea region will take to the stage. Book a flight to Samsun for a fun-filled festival experience.

Gezgin Fest

21-23 June Van

The first music festival to take place in the East of Turkey, GezginFest Van, brings together music lovers of ‘World Music’ together from all over the country. A journey on the Van Lake express, Akdamar island, historic Urartu and the famous Van breakfast await you. It’s time to discover a beautiful city, book a flight to Van.

2.International Akra Jazz Festival

19-29 June Antalya

The most famous names in jazz will be performing at Antalya between 19-29 June. To watch the great concerts on show, book a flight to Antalya.