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For a brand-new story purchase a plane ticket now

At Turkish Airlines, we know that a ticket is not just a ticket. We invite you to fly with us to more than 100 countries and nearly 250 cities on five continents and write new stories – because there is no better time than now. Book your flight online now, on this page or via the Turkish Airlines mobile application, which offers extra benefits, and set off to every corner of the world with peace, health and security.

Turkey flight ticket

It’s time to see more of Turkey! Set in the center of the world, Turkey offers more than you can imagine. Start your exploration in Trabzon and discover the mountains of the Black Sea…buy a ticket to Mardin and delve into the histories of the East… or fly to Ankara to experience a characterful capital with a new approach… You can easily book a Turkey flight ticket online via this page and we’ll direct you to the country’s most popular destinations!


International flights

Flights to North America

The United States, with its big skies, great plains, vibrant urban centers and charismatic coasts: Turkish Airlines flies to many destinations in the United States, from New York City, the city that never sleeps, to sun-drenched Los Angeles, to Chicago, a city of firsts. Further north are the vast expanses of Canada, spotlighting wildlife, spectacular nature and intriguing cities and towns. To the south, Mexico, highlighting an array of landscapes, cultures and cuisines; while the island-nation of Cuba retains its own charm and history. The first step is the ticket!

Flights to South America

South America brings to life colorful days, vibrant cities and extraordinary geographies: the majestic Andes mountain range spanning the continent; Colombia, known for more than its excellent coffee; Brazil, the vast state with geographic wonders; and Argentina, home to the tango. With such advantageous fares, there’s nothing to stop you from buying a ticket!

Flights to Africa

The continent of Africa offers culture and art, as well as spectacular nature and wildlife. Turkish Airlines flies to many countries in Africa, from South Africa to North Africa’s MoroccoAlgeria and Egypt. Check out exclusive online fares and choose your own adventure.

Flights to Asia

This vast geography has a reputation for making dreams come true. Indigo-colored ocean and pink cherry blossoms; wise legends from the cradles of civilizations: From Korea to Thailand, and from Japan to the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East, East and Southeast Asia offer unique perspectives along with history, culture, art and cuisine. Purchase a ticket and pick your experience.

Flights to Europe

Modern cities built around ancient citadels; historic villages; capitals of art, fashion and music… Europe’s corners are filled with beauty – and mystery! The first step to a beautiful trip to Berlin, London or Oslo – or to Europe’s smaller but still dazzling destinations – is booking a ticket online.

Flights to Australia

Australia, a vast continent known for its generous nature, southern hemisphere climate, exciting native animals and endemic plant species, as well as its uncrowded modern cities. A ticket to Australia and New Zealand promises a long – but comfortable – trip, with great adventures awaiting. The first step: book a flight online.

A flight to new horizons: Promotions by destinations

Wondering where to explore next? Depending on the season, Turkish Airlines offers flights to selected cities at more advantageous fares! Check out the fares to our current destinations and fly with the best prices, the safest conditions, and one hundred percent comfort!


Frequently asked questions

How can I purchase a ticket from Turkish Airlines? Learn more

You can purchase your ticket through our website or mobile application, from authorized travel agencies, or from our sales offices or call center. You can access information from our contact us page.

How can I book a ticket online? Learn more

You can easily book tickets online via our website or mobile application using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Selecting the date of departure, the departure point, the destination, and the number of people traveling is sufficient for your online plane ticket booking.

Can I make changes to my online ticket reservation? Learn more

After ticketing/reservation, changes to the flight can be made if fare conditions allow. However, the name and surname information on the ticket/reservation cannot be changed.

You can see the details of your ticket’s fare conditions on the My Flights page, and you can visit our fare conditions page for more detailed information.

How can I cancel my online ticket reservation? Learn more

You can only cancel your ticket if the fare conditions allow. You can view the fare conditions of your ticket on the My Flights page and visit our fare conditions page for more detailed information.

How can I buy discounted tickets? Learn more

Various discounts can be applied on tickets purchased through our online channels. Please click for detailed information regarding all special offer ticket types such as senior discount, youth discount, student discount, child discount, TAF discounts, and others.

How can I buy an Award ticket with my Miles? Learn more

With your Miles, you can issue award tickets from either Economy Class or Business Class and fly with the privileges of Turkish Airlines. Keep in mind that you can issue award tickets for your loved ones as well as yourself. Also, in certain cases, it is possible to arrange a discounted companion ticket for the people you will travel with. You can access all the details on our award ticket page.

How can I be informed about promotions and sales campaigns? Learn more

All our promotional and sales campaigns tickets are on our campaigns page, which you can follow. You can also leave your contact information on this page to be notified regarding special offer tickets and you can receive regular e-mail notifications about our sales campaigns.