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For a brand-new story: purchase a plane ticket now

At Turkish Airlines, we know that a plane ticket is not just a ticket. We invite you to fly with us to more than 120 countries and more than 300 cities on four continents and write new stories – because there is no better time than now. Book your flight online now, on this page or via the Turkish Airlines mobile application, which offers extra benefits, and set off to every corner of the world with peace, health and security.

Frequently asked questions

How can I purchase a plane ticket online from Turkish Airlines? Learn more

You can purchase your ticket through our website or mobile application, from authorized travel agencies, or from our sales offices or call center. You can access information from our contact us page.

How can I book a flight ticket online? Learn more

You can easily book tickets online via our website or mobile application using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Selecting the date of departure, the departure point, the destination, and the number of people traveling is sufficient for your online plane ticket booking.

Can I make changes to my online plane ticket reservation? Learn more

After ticketing/reservation, changes to the flight can be made if fare conditions allow. However, the name and surname information on the ticket/reservation cannot be changed.

You can see the details of your ticket’s fare conditions on the My Flights page, and you can visit our fare conditions page for more detailed information.

How can I cancel my online plane ticket reservation? Learn more

You can only cancel your airline ticket if the fare conditions allow. You can view the fare conditions of your ticket on the My Flights page and visit our fare conditions page for more detailed information.

How can I buy discounted tickets? Learn more

Various discounts can be applied on tickets purchased through our online channels. Please click for detailed information regarding all special offer ticket types such as senior discount, youth discount, student discount, child discount, TAF discounts, and others.

How can I buy an Award ticket with my Miles? Learn more

With your Miles, you can issue award tickets from either Economy Class or Business Class and fly with the privileges of Turkish Airlines. Keep in mind that you can issue award tickets for your loved ones as well as yourself. Also, in certain cases, it is possible to arrange a discounted companion ticket for the people you will travel with. You can access all the details on our award ticket page.

How can I be informed about promotions and sales campaigns? Learn more

All our promotional and sales campaigns tickets are on our campaigns page, which you can follow. You can also leave your contact information on this page to be notified regarding special offer tickets and you can receive regular e-mail notifications about our sales campaigns.

Why do ticket fares change so often? Learn more

Flight ticket fares depend on variables such as demand and capacity as well as the date and season of travel. Fares have a dynamic structure and can quickly change.

How do I find the best fare? Learn more

The best fares can be obtained by completing the ticketing process a few months before travel. Planning earlier for longer flights may also result in better fares. In addition, lower fares may be more widely available on weekday flights, rather than flights on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays; while not always the case, weekday flight ticket fares tend to be more affordable than weekend flights. If your travel dates are flexible, flexible travel dates offer an opportunity to compare fares.

Ticket fares may be higher than average during the periods around New Year's Eve, religious and national holidays, and major fairs and sports events, as well as during the June-September “high season”. If you can travel outside of these periods, you may be able to obtain more advantageous fares. In addition, you can follow Turkish Airlines flight ticket campaigns.

What to consider when purchasing a flight ticket? Learn more

When purchasing a flight ticket, do check the following details:

  • Flight ticket information: Departure and arrival points, date and time of the flight.
  • Terms and conditions of the ticket you wish to book.
  • Whether the flight is direct or transferable.
  • Ticket class.
  • Baggage selection.

You can generate your flight ticket through our website, mobile application or authorized travel agencies. In case you need some help while purchasing a ticket, you can get in touch with our call center.

You can follow the Turkish Airlines Blog for travel trends, travel tips and inspirational content.