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Dubrovnik by the Adriatic Sea shines out as a popular destination in Croatia. Hosting many cultural traces throughout its history dating back to the Medieval Age, this delightful city welcomes a large number of tourists every year by its marvelous nature offered generously. The chalk white city integrated with a splendid deep blue sea promises a pleasant holiday for its guests with numerous alternatives.

You may review the flight ticket alternatives offered by Turkish Airlines right now to start planning your travel from the most touristic Croatian city Dubrovnik to the joyful and historic European town of Athens.

Turkish Airlines offers 4 to 10 flight alternatives every day from Dubrovnik to Athens, all operated as connecting over Istanbul Airport (IST). Flights taking off from Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) may sometimes offer two connecting (transit) flights as well; one in Zagreb and one in Istanbul, departing to Athens Elefterios Venizelos International Airport (ATH).

The number of flights from Dubrovnik to Athens remains quite the same all year round; however there may be changes on the hours of departure. The duration of the journey between these cities with Turkish Airlines varies by the layover, ranging from 10 to 38 hours in average. Nevertheless, this long period turns into an enjoyable break at Istanbul. If your layover at Istanbul is from 6 to 24 hours, you may have a chance to instantly explore the most touristic spots in the city thanks to the sightseeing service Touristanbul offered complimentary by Turkish Airlines.

From: Dubrovnik

Turkish Airlines Dubrovnik Flights

As one of the most entertaining cities in Croatia, Dubrovnik is situated along the Adriatic Sea. This unique town captivating by its brilliant Old Town District is flooded by tourists almost all seasons. Having been ruled by great civilizations such as Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans throughout its deep-rooted history, Dubrovnik owns an amazing beauty today, although it had been damaged a lot in the past.

The most attractive spot in the city is the Old Town district, resembling a town of Medieval Age with the surrounding city walls, which can be reached by four different gates, offering truly a time travel into the past. The main gate Pile usually is the first stop of travelers, whereas the gate of Ploce reaches the port. The lovely historic street between these two gates, Stradun is the favorite of everyone by its narrow streets full of stairs. Onofrio’s Fountain on the same spot is one of the noteworthy icons in the city. During your stay in this enchanting town, you may get lost in the narrow streets to live unforgettable moments for getting to know the local life, or take a rest at the pretty cafés and restaurants to try the palatable cuisine.

Turkish Airlines flights from Dubrovnik take off from Dubrovnik Airport (DBV), located 20 kilometers to the city center.

Transportation to Dubrovnik Airport (DBV)

You may use the airport shuttles, buses or cabs to reach the airport from Dubrovnik city center.

Those interested in using shuttles for reaching the airport may get on the vehicles departing from the Pile gate in Old Town and reach the airport within thirty minutes in average. On the other hand, city buses numbered 11 and 27 also serve to airport, which are frequently used by the passengers.

Moreover, you may also get a cab serving 7/24 in the city to reach Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) in a comfortable way.

Destination: Athens

Turkish Airlines Athens Flights

Serving as a capital of Greece, Athens is a remarkable destination for its legends throughout its history of thousands of years. Accompanied by influx of tourists especially in the hot summer days, Athens shines out as one of the most popular metropolises in its region.

The city totally is a leader countrywide shaping the future by its cultural prosperity. A large number of events taking place all over the city are held with huge participation on a global scale. Make sure to make use of your time well during your stay here to walk down the pretty cities and observe closer the life in this magnificent Aegean town. Acropolis and ancient Parthenon Temple in the highest hill of the city are the remarkable attractions. Naturally, the largest temple of Ancient Greek, Olympieion Temple is another must-see spot, arousing interest all the time.

The air traffic in the city is managed by a sole airport; Athens Elefterios Venizelos International Airport (ATH) located 27 kilometers to the center. Passengers with a flight ticket to Athens with Turkish Airlines land at this airport.

Transportation from Athens Elefterios Venizelos International Airport (ATH) to the city center

You may use the transport means of buses, subway or cabs for reaching the city center from Athens Elefterios Venizelos International Airport (ATH). Buses numbered X95 operate from the airport in every 15 minutes and reach Sintagma Square in less than an hour. Buses numbered X93, on the other hand, head towards Kfissos Bus Station.

Passengers planning to use the subway may reach Sintagma Square via the blue subway line serving in every 26 minutes.

Those interested in a more comfortable option may always get a cab available 7/24 on the way out the airport. However, it would be advisable to clarify that all taxes are included in the fare prior to your journey with cabs, so as not to encounter any misunderstandings.

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