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Helsinki is in high demand all year round by its ever-setting sun almost till the next day in the summertime, and its charm under the cottony snow resembling a fairytale land in the winter. This stunning metropolis which is often cited as “The White City of the North” with the chalk white marble landscape offers a warm and cheerful atmosphere for its visitors by its delightful spaces, parks and gardens located on the islands.

If you are also interested in a journey from the Finnish capital Helsinki to the Albanian capital Tirana, take a look at the flight tickets offered by Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a safe and pleasant flight of high quality.

Turkish Airlines offers nearly four flight alternatives from Helsinki to Tirana every day, all operated as connecting over Istanbul Airport (IST). The number of flights in this route remains quite the same all year round; however the hours of departure may vary from time to time. The duration of the journey, on the other hand, varies by the layover at Istanbul, ranging from 8 to 27 hours in average.

Passengers booking their flights with Turkish Airlines have a chance to enjoy a pleasant sightseeing program during their layover at Istanbul. If your layover is between 6 to 24 hours, Turkish Airlines offers complimentarily the service Touristanbul, providing a chance to see the top touristic spots in this enchanting city.

From: Helsinki

Turkish Airlines Helsinki Flights

The capital of Finland, Helsinki is a pioneer worldwide in education, technology, art, culture and finance thanks to its high level of economy and culture. Moreover, it also ranks among the top touristic destinations countrywide.

Soumenlinna Island, arousing interest by its splendid fortress and various complexes is one of the most crowded spots in the city when the weather is fine. Nevertheless, Senate Square is the main center of mobility in this charming city. This Square full of brilliant works of Neo-classical architecture also hosts a large number of events every year. Helsinki Cathedral, one of the historic icons of the city by its white elegancy, together with Uspenski Cathedral, the largest in Western Europe, get credit by the visitors as extremely noteworthy artifacts. Finnish National Gallery evokes admiration by its rich collection, whereas Esplanadi Park, one of the top significant stops in the city by its verdant charm and the open market right next to it, Kauppatori are other worth-seeing spots in lovely Helsinki.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) is the sole airport managing the city’s air traffic. Accordingly, flights from Helsinki with Turkish Airlines take off from this airport, which is 18 kilometers to the center.

Transportation to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL)

You may use the regularly operating buses to reach the airport from Helsinki city center. Serving in every 15 minutes from Helsinki Central Railway Station, buses numbered 615 and 615T reach the airport within nearly 40 minutes. Furthermore, the airport shuttles named FinnAir also depart from the Central Railway Station in every 20 minutes and get to the airport within 35 minutes in average.

Passengers wishing to take trains to reach the airport may get on the trains coded P and I and reach the airport within thirty minutes. Although trains serve at frequent intervals during the day, they operate less frequently in the night.

In addition to all these options of public transport, you can always use the cabs available 7/24 in the city to comfortably reach the airport.

Destination: Tirana

Turkish Airlines Tirana Flights

As the largest and capital city in Albania, Tirana is a delightful town established by the Ottoman Empire. It therefore hosts a large number of madrasahs, mosques, inns and baths. The monument of Skanderbeg, founder of Tirana, is the top significant icon in the city. Located in the heart of the city, this monument and Tirana Culture Palace and Museum of History nearby are the noteworthy spots to visit. Et'hem Bey Mosque, bearing the traces of the Ottoman architecture, is the sole mosque reaching the present day amongst the eight mosques built in the Ottoman period. Moreover, Dajti Mountain National Park, offering delightful moments especially those fond of natural tours brings in a considerable number of tourists every year by offering many natural sports opportunities.

Tirana hosts a single airport serving to the city’s air traffic. Tirana International Airport (TIA) is 17 kilometers to the city center and passengers booking their flights to Tirana with Turkish Airlines land at this airport.

Transportation from Tirana International Airport (TIA) to the city center

You may use Rinas Express buses to reach the center from Tirana International Airport (TIA). Operating once in every hour between 06.00 and 18.00, these buses reach Skanderbeg Square in the center. You may get on these buses on the way out the airport parking lot and reach the center within nearly thirty minutes.

It is possible to reach the airport by the cabs operating on the way out the airport, or renting a car from the car rental offices if you are interested in a private transport.

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