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Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul shines out by its glorious history of thousands of years. The brilliant metropolitan welcomes millions of tourists every season by its valuable historical artifacts, palaces as home to sultans dominating the world, its vibrant lifestyle and splendid mosques with minarets rising up the sky, forming the city’s silhouette. This adorable city on seven hills, which offers utterly different charm all the time and all day long, is simply enthralling also by the colorful city lights onto the turquoise Bosporus flowing through.

Flights from the major Turkish metropolis Istanbul to France’s touristic city Nice are in high demand throughout the year. Take a look at the flights offered by Turkish Airlines in this route to enjoy a safe and comfortable journey up in the clouds.

Turkish Airlines offers one or two direct flights every day from Istanbul to Nice. Flights with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Nice Cote D'Azur International Airport (NCE) within nearly three and a half hours. The number of flights remains quite the same all year round; however some changes may occur on the hours of departure.

From: Istanbul

Antalya Istanbul Flight Ticket

As the most populous city in Türkiye, Istanbul is flooded by millions of visitors each year. Shining out countrywide in education, trade, financing, industry, tourism, culture and art, this metropolis is appealing by numerous tourist attractions. This enchanting city blending the historic details with the contemporary by its historic districts like Beyoğlu, Pera, Beşiktaş, Kadıköy and Moda, the giant skyscrapers where business life flows non-stop, and its popular centers among the remarkable shopping malls worldwide promises an utterly pleasant holiday for its guests.

Istanbul Airport (IST) and Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) which manage the busy air traffic in Istanbul both serve internationally connecting Istanbul to the world. Flights with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Nice take off from Istanbul Airport (IST).

Transportation from the city center to Istanbul Airport (IST)

You can reach Istanbul Airport by private vehicle (IST) via D20, TEM or E5 roads. The city center is 35 km away from Istanbul Airport. You can reach the airport by IETT, taxi or Havaist. It takes around 30 minutes to reach the airport by taxi and costs around 100-110 TL. For more information on how to reach Istanbul Airport check the transport information page. There are plenty of transport options available for you to choose from.

Destination: Nice

Turkish Airlines Nice Flights

The popular French destination, Nice is an attractive city along the Mediterranean Sea, owning a unique style appealing in every season. The city of fascinating sands, Nice arouses interest also by its entertaining life style and social diversity. Its utterly verdant nature is in perfect harmony with the Mediterranean, offering truly a visual feast.

During your stay here, you may visit the historic artifacts at the Old Town district and walk around and feel the magical atmosphere of Colline du Chateau, built for defending the city. Moreover, it would be recommendable to visit also the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, as one of the most delightful museums in the region, or, enjoy your time in the famous street Promenad des Anglais along the beach, have a rest at the pretty cafés on the street extending over 7 kilometers.

The sole airport in the city, Nice Cote D’Azur International Airport (NCE) manages extremely busy air traffic. Passengers with a flight ticket to Nice with Turkish Airlines also land at this airport.

Transportation from Nice Cote D'Azur International Airport (NCE) to the city center

You may use the public buses to reach the city center from Nice Cote D'Azur International Airport (NCE). As the most budget friendly option, these buses operate from the earliest hours till 20.00. Setting off from terminal 1, buses numbered 23 or 52 head towards the center within nearly 20 minutes.

Furthermore, the airport shuttles serving express would be another alternative; the shuttles numbered 98 or 99 operating in every thirty minutes reach Nice Bus Terminal and Main Railway Station. In addition to these, you can always take a cab from the airport to reach anywhere in the city.

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