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The magical capital of Russia, Moscow stands out as an enchanting city by its museums, verdant urban spaces and stunning architecture. It ranks amongst the first must-see destinations worldwide with its huge squares surrounded by colorful buildings, palaces included in UNESCO World Heritage List and the culture and art events taking place all year round. Those preferring Turkish Airlines in their journeys from Moscow, which always mesmerizes the travel lovers with its charm to Rome, another admirable city by all its glory and history, enjoy a relaxing and privileged flight of high quality.

Turkish Airlines offers 20 flights alternatives each day from the art-lover Russian capital, Moscow to Rome, regarded as one of the most romantic and enthralling cities worldwide. Most of these flights are operated as a connecting flight over Istanbul Airport (IST). An airport change may be required in some flight combinations during the layover at Istanbul, although few in number. It would therefore be advisable reviewing carefully the transit details while booking your flight. The duration of journey in these flights varies by the layover at Istanbul, ranging from 6 to 25 hours in average.

You may benefit from the services Touristanbul and Stopover offered complimentarily by Turkish Airlines, if you do not wish to wait at the airport during your layover. Touristanbul ensures a fast sightseeing opportunity in beautiful Istanbul, whereas in Stopover service passengers have a chance to make use of the accommodation opportunities, along with the sightseeing.

From: Moscow

Turkish Airlines Moscow Flights

Hosting a large number of tourists especially during the White Nights and called as “the city where the sun never sets” in this term, Moscow is probably the most popular city of Russia. Often referred as the heart of Russia, this city owns an amazing beauty with its architecture full of elegant details. The Red Square, as a significant spot for the country’s history and the glorious Kremlin Palace remaining from the 15th century are one of the most popular attractions the city offers.

There are three international airports in Moscow: Domodedovo Airport (DME), Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) and Vnukovo International Airport (VKO). Turkish Airlines flights from Moscow take off from Vnukovo International Airport (VKO).

Transportation to Moscow Vnukovo International Airport (VKO):

There are a couple of alternatives for reaching Moscow Vnukovo International Airport (VKO), one of the three airports serving in Moscow. Located 12 kilometers southeast of the city center, the airport may be reached by airport shuttles, which are a frequently preferred option in transportation. Operating from Kievsky Railway Station, these express shuttles get you to the airport within 30 to 40 minutes in average.

Apart from the airport shuttles, municipal buses would be another option for reaching the airport. You may get on the bus numbered 911 which operates in every 7 minutes from Salayevo bus station and reaches the airport within nearly 20 minutes. The bus numbered 611, on the other hand, operates on the way out Yugo-Zapadnaya subway station in every 10 minutes and gets to the airport within 35 minutes following the route Troparevo subway station.

You may reach Vnukovo Airport also by the cabs serving 7/24 in the city.

Destination: Rome

You may feel as if you are in a movie while walking around the streets of this lovely city Rome, which is one of the most touristic destinations in Europe. Rome welcomes millions of tourists every year with its magical atmosphere where the inviting aroma of coffee meets with the smell of delicious pizza. The favorite spot of visitors of this charming city is the iconic landmark Colosseum. Make sure to visit also the Trevi Fountain, as popular as the Colosseum which once witnessed the gladiator fights, as well as the Spanish Steps right across the Fountain.

There are two airports serving in Rome: Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci Airport (FCO) and Rome Ciampino- G. B. Pastine Airport (CIA). Ticket holders to Rome with Turkish Airlines land at Fiumicino-Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (FCO).

Transportation from Rome Fiumicino-Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (FCO) to the city center

You may have a couple of transport alternatives for reaching the city center from Rome Fiumicino-Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (FCO), including airport shuttles, buses and railway. You may reach via the suburban train (FL1) the stations Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana and Tiburtina, which operates from early in the morning. You may get to Trastevere within 25 minutes and to Tiburtuna within 50 minutes by these trains departing from the airport. You may transfer to the tramline numbered 8 at Trastevere and reach the famous Piazza Venezia, Campo dei Fiori and Pantheon.

Another alternative would be the express trains setting off from the airport. You may reach the central railway station Termini within thirty minutes by taking these express trains. It would be advisable to take into consideration that these express trains are likely to be crowded most of the time, as it is the most preferred option to reach the city center.

You may reach Termini or Pizza Indipendenza from the terminal 3, with the buses operating from 08.00 until 23.30. The journey with these buses takes nearly 50 minutes and you are expected to be present in the bus stop 20 minutes prior to the time of departure.

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