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The capital of Sweden, Stockholm is an enjoyable destination bearing the traces of Vikings. Situated at the crossroads of Lake Malaren and Baltic Sea, Stockholm is an utterly attractive city by its unique geography as well. This pretty city of a Medieval Age atmosphere offering the today’s comfort by its modern opportunities welcomes a large number of visitors at all seasons, drawing interest by its historical and cultural prosperities, as well as its charming natural beauties.

Turkish Airlines is one of the most preferred airlines for the journeys from Stockholm to Erbil, one of the top popular destinations of Iraq. Take a look at the flight ticketalternatives offered by Turkish Airlines between these cities now to enjoy a comfortable and safe journey up in the clouds.

Turkish Airlines offers 6 different flight alternatives in average every day from Stockholm to Erbil. All flights in this route are operated as connecting over Istanbul Airport (IST) and the duration of the journeys varies by the layover, ranging from 7 to 27 hours.

You may have a chance to turn your layover time at Istanbul into enjoyable moments during your journey between Stockholm and Erbil with Turkish Airlines. The sightseeing service Touristanbuloffered complimentary by Turkish Airlines for its passengers with a layover between 6 and 24 hours provides a chance to see the main attractions in this enchanting city, which should be booked in advance.

From: Stockholm

Turkish Airlines Stockholm Flights

Sweden’s capital Stockholm is formed by 14 islands in the Baltic Sea, connected to each other with many pretty bridges. Often cited as the city of canals, this adorable city offers a breathtaking visual feast to all its guests with the enthralling natural beauties it harbors. Stockholm is flooded by a large number of tourists all year round, thanks to its totally verdant nature, together with its numerous museums exhibiting rich works of art and cultural events taking place all over the city.

A noteworthy cultural spot in the city, ABBA: The Museum shines out both by its attractive architecture and its works on display. This museum, which is the world’s largest spherically shaped architectural structure, is one of the most crowd-pulling spots in Stockholm. Another cultural spot in the city is the City Museum with its thousands of complex works; whereas the Old Town takes you to the Medieval Age by the colorful adjacent houses.

There are four airports serving in Stockholm: Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN), Stockholm Bromma Airport (BMA), Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO) and Stockholm Västerås Airport (VST). Turkish Airlines flights from Stockholm take off from Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN).

Transportation to Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)

There are a couple of different alternatives for reaching Arlanda Airport (ARN) which is 40 kilometers from Stockholm city center.

The most preferred option is the train services called Arlanda Express. These trains serving in every 10-15 minutes from the Central Railway Station reach the airport within approximately 20 minutes. You may get off these trains at Arlanda South station for reaching the terminals 2, 3 and 4, and at Arlanda North for the terminal 5.

Another alternative would be the suburban trains operating in every thirty minutes. It is possible to reach SkyCity station in the terminals 4 and 5 of the airport via these trains, after a journey of nearly 40 minutes.

You may get to the airport within 45 minutes also via the airport shuttles setting off from City Terminal. Moreover, it is always possible to reach airport from anywhere in the city by the cabs serving 7/24.

Destination: Erbil

Turkish Airlines Erbil Flights

As one of the most significant and populous cities of Iraq in the heart of the Middle East, Erbil stands out by its cosmopolitan presence forming its crowded population, as well as its modern standards of living and its marvelous nature. Dating back to many centuries, this pretty city of Mesopotamia which has always had importance throughout the history rapidly regains its old tempo, dressing the wounds of the sorrowful war period.

Citadel of Erbil as one of the noteworthy icons in the city generally serves as the first stop in the cultural and touristic tours. Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this beautiful Citadel bears the traces of a large number of civilizations. Sami Abdulrahman Park area, which is the popular spot of those fond of spending time in the nature, is one of the most vivacious sites in Erbil with various event spaces and refreshments facilities. Shanidar Cave and Gelielib Falls, whch are the notable natural charms of Erbil, should also be seen by those who like outdoor activities.

Transportation from Erbil International Airport (EBL) to the city center

It is possible to use the shuttles serving in every 15 minutes for reaching the city center from Erbil International Airport (EBL). Heading towards the central spots in the city, these shuttles are the most preferred option by the passengers. Moreover, you may get to anywhere you wish in the city in a comfortable way via the cabs operating on the way out the airport.

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