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As a Baltic city bearing the traces of Vikings, Stockholm is located at the crossroads of the Lake Malaren and Baltic Sea. Evoking admiration of many tourists by its natural charms and historical fabric, the city is settled on 14 islands. Stockholm is often cited as the Venice of Scandinavian cities because of its canals connecting these spectacular islands with each other. Wrapping itself up in utterly different beauty in every season despite its cold weather, Stockholm promises an unforgettable holiday for all its guests.

Turkish Airlines is generally the first choice of the passengers travelling from the historic Swedish capital along the Baltic Sea, Stockholm, to Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia by the Indian Ocean. If you are also interested in a comfortable and safe journey, take a look at the flight tickets offered by Turkish Airlines now to set your travel plan.

Turkish Airlines offers three flight alternatives in average on a daily basis from Stockholm to Mogadishu. All operated as connecting over Istanbul Airport (IST), the duration of the flights in this route varies by the layover at Istanbul, ranging from 12 to 23 hours.

During your journey from Stockholm to Mogadishu with Turkish Airlines, you may have a chance to turn your layover at Istanbul, the largest metropolis and the most popular destination in Türkiye, into a splendid experience. The sightseeing service Touristanbul is offered complimentary by Turkish Airlines passengers with a layover between 6 to 24 hours, providing a chance to see the notable attractions in this enchanting city.

From: Stockholm

Turkish Airlines Stockholm Flights

Consisting of 14 spectacular large and small islands in the Baltic Sea, Stockholm welcomes a considerable number of tourists every year as the capital of Sweden. Shining out by its perfect location and brilliant nature, the capital simply enthralls all its visitors with its verdant profile accompanied by a deep blue sea.

Bearing the traces of the 13th century, the Old Town district ranks among the top attractive spots in Stockholm by its peerless beauty resembling a postcard. Make sure to visit the Stockholm Cathedral and the Royal Palace in this district, and take a pleasant coffee break in Choklandkoppen thereafter. Moreover, the city is flooded by thousands of tourists every year also to perform outdoor activities making use of the natural diversity and to have fun at the historic amusement park serving since 1883.

Stockholm hosts four different airports to manage the city’s air traffic all year round: Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN), Stockholm Bromma Airport (BMA), Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO) and Stockholm Västerås Airport (VST). Flights from Stockholm with Turkish Airlines take off from Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN), which is located 40 kilometers north of the city.

Transportation to Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)

You may consider a couple of alternatives in transport for reaching Arlanda Airport (ARN) from Stockholm city center. The frequently preferred option is the railway services called Arlanda Express. You may prefer this line serving from the Central Railway Station and reach the airport within nearly 20 minutes. Note that you should get off the train at Arlanda South station to go to the terminals 2, 3 and 4 and at Arlanda North station for reaching the terminal 5.

It is also possible to use the suburban trains operating in every thirty minutes for getting to the airport from the city center. These trains take you to SkyCity station in the terminals 4 and 5 of the airport within 40 minutes in average.

Passengers planning to take the airport shuttles may get to the airport within 45 minutes via these vehicles setting off from City Terminal. Apart from all these, you may take cabs available 7/24 all around the city for reaching the airport in a comfortable way.

Destination: Mogadishu

Turkish Airlines Mogadisu Flights

As the capital and the largest city in Somalia, Mogadishu is located in the eastern Africa along the Indian Ocean, representing a history of hundreds of years as one of the most significant port towns in the continent.

Hosting the country’s administrative organizations as well as the cultural institutions, Mogadishu is the most touristic destination in the country, which is still economically developing. The Mosque of Islamic Solidarity with a capacity of 10 thousand people as one of the largest mosques in Africa, the ruins of Mogadishu Cathedral which was built during the Italian domination, however highly damaged during the civil war, and Arba'a Rukun Mosque dating back to more than thousand years, are the icons of the city. Those interested in witnessing the background of the country prefer visiting the National Museum first, whereas Bakaara Market is the favorite of the tourists wishing to see the local life.

Transportation from Aden Abdulle International Airport (MGQ) to the city center

The only means recommended for the tourists for reaching the center from the airport, which is located a couple of kilometers from the center of Mogadishu is the licensed cabs. If possible, it would be advisable to travel with a local guide in Mogadishu where the public transport is not recommended for security reasons. If you are not travelling with a local guide, you should make sure that the cab you are travelling is licensed and that you have negotiated on the price with the driver prior to your journey. It would be useful to keep in mind that renting a car in Mogadishu would be safer with the assistance of a local guide as well.

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