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As one of the most significant and active cities in Germany especially in industry, Stuttgart is simply enthralling by its verdant forests all over, Neckar River flowing through, and all its natural gems. Welcoming thousands of visitors every year both for commercial and touristic purposes, Stuttgart will truly make you lose the track of time. Mercedes-Benz Museum where 160 vintage cars are exhibited, Wilhelma Zoo and Botanic Garden, Stuttgart TV Tower of 217 meters height, and its streets reminding the Medieval Age are only a few attractions in the city… Stuttgart is in high demand also in the Christmas season by its amazing Christmas markets.

Book your flight with Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a pleasant journey up in the clouds from Stuttgart, a breathtaking city by its fabulous landscape, to Kayseri, a remarkable Turkish gourmet city and start planning your travel.

Turkish Airlines offers 20 different flight alternatives each day from Stuttgart to Kayseri, all operated as connecting over Istanbul Airport (IST). Although the duration of the journey between these two destinations varies by the layover at Istanbul, it ranges generally from 7 to 19 hours in average. Passengers with a layover between 6 to 24 hours have a chance to benefit from the sightseeing service Touristanbul offered complimentary by Turkish Airlines to turn their layover into an advantage for exploring the charming metropolis Istanbul.

From: Stuttgart

Turkish Airlines Stuttgart Flights

Situated on the banks of Neckar River, Stuttgart shines out by its industrial power in the southwest of Germany. Yet, the city also owns an extremely lovely profile by the details of Medieval Age it harbors. As a magical destination surrounded by verdant parks, Stuttgart stands out by its art galleries captivating by their distinguished works of art, museums full of wide and interesting collections and vivacious squares hosting utterly beautiful events.

The Palace Square is one of the most vibrant spots in the city also as home to the New Palace building. Make sure to also see the famous Angel Fountain during your visit to this glorious square. Being a pioneer especially in automotive, Stuttgart is attractive by its museums providing an insight into the development of the sector as well. Castle Solitude, as the favorite of history fanciers, and St. John’s Church are among the other top most visited spots.

Passengers with a flight ticket from Stuttgart with Turkish Airlines start their journeys at Stuttgart Airport (STR), one of the busiest airports countrywide.

Transportation to Stuttgart Airport (STR)

The most comfortable means of transport for reaching Stuttgart Airport (STR) is the S-Bahn trains. These train services following the route in the city center and heading towards the airport operate via the line S2 from Filderstadt direction, or S3 from expo. You may get on these trains at the Central Station in the center and reach the airport within nearly thirty minutes. Apart from these, it is also possible to reach the airport via the cabs serving 7/24 all around the city.

Destination: Kayseri

Turkish Airlines Kayseri Flights

Hosting one of the most fascinating historical heritages in Türkiye by its background of six thousand years, Kayseri is located right in the heart of Central Anatolia. Having been an important stop on the historical trade routes throughout the history by its strategic location, this beautiful city has managed to develop itself constantly.

The ancient mosques, madrasahs and bazaars in the center bear the traces of Seljuq Empire. Mount Erciyes as the favorite destination for winter sports, the peerless Cappadocia Region and Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls are only few natural beauties the city harbors. Gevher Nesibe Hospital and Recovery Center, which is known as the first medical center in Anatolia, serving today as a museum, is one of the most remarkable artifacts remaining from the past. The local Kayseri cuisine on the other hand, which is highly attractive by its tastes like mantı (Turkish ravioli), pastrami and sucuk (Turkish style fermented sausage) turns the city into a popular destination for gourmet tours as well.

Kayseri Airport (ASR) is located 8 kilometers to the city center. Passengers holding a flight ticket to Kayseri with Turkish Airlines land at this airport.

Transportation from Kayseri Airport (ASR) to the city center

There are a couple of different alternatives for reaching the city center from Kayseri Airport (ASR), including the municipal buses, airport shuttles and cabs.

The municipal bus numbered 101 setting off from the airport reaches Seyyid Burhaneddin following the route Yeni Mahalle, Mevlana, Adliye, İstasyon Caddesi and Medrese Önü. The bus line numbered 102 operates also in the same route, only heads towards Fakülte İçi district over Şehitlik neighborhood.

Bus numbered 270 serve in the route Kanal Boyu, Halk Eğitim, Nato Caddesi, Hunat, Şehitlik, Fakülte İçi. Buses numbered 271 serve as express for a swift transport, stopping only by Cadde, Mevlana, Nato Caddesi, Ordu Evi stations and heading towards Seyyid Burhaneddin.

Moreover, airport shuttles operate to TALAS and BYZ Shopping Malls. Another option would be the cabs which are at your service 7/24.

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