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Flights to Afghanistan

Kabul Pashto, Dari
Afghani 35,53 million
Newroz (March 21), Mujahideen Victory Day (April 27), Independence Day (August 18), Ahmad Shah Massoud Remembrance Day (September 08), Birthday of Prophet Birthday (December 12), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a landlocked country located in South and Central Asia. It is also an attractive destination due to its historical background by its location on one of the most ancient lands worldwide. Having been invaded many times because of its geographical status, Afghanistan has struggled against United Kingdom, Soviet Union and American colonies respectively in recent years. Nowadays the country endeavors to dress its wounds and aims to regain its touristic power.

Afghanistan hosts a wide range of historical heritages waiting to be explored, which will ensure the country to achieve such aim. If you are also interested in witnessing the traces of this deep-rooted history and visiting an extraordinary destination, take a look at the flights to Afghanistan offered by Turkish Airlines now to embark on an adventure.

Flight Details

Afghanistan flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to two different destinations in Afghanistan: Kabul and Mazar-ı Sharif. Direct flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Kabul International Airport (KBL) in the Afghani capital take nearly four hours and forty five minutes. The duration of the direct flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Mazar-ı Sharif Airport (MZR), on the other hand, is four and a half hours in average. Flights to both airports in Afghanistan continue all year round; flights may increase in number especially during the months of spring.

It would be best to visit the country especially in Newroz in March 21 to get to know the cultural fabric better. Celebrated by various events all over Afghanistan, this feast is regarded as the beginning of New Year. Baloch-Pashtun Unity Day held on August 31 every year in the capital Kabul is an event held for sharing the friendship between these two communities.

Attraction Points

Afghanistan sightseeing and attractions

Situated on a valley extending over the Kabul River within Hindu Kush Mountains, the capital Kabul draws attention as the largest city countrywide as well. Having been occupied by many states throughout the history by its location on the trading routes, Kabul hosts a large number of historical artifacts by its strategic location as well. Served as a capital also in the historic Mughal Empire, Kabul’s most attractive spot is without a doubt the Gardens of Babur. Built in 1528, the gardens are surrounded by colorful blossoming flowers around the mausoleum of Babur, the founder of the Empire, and create a peaceful atmosphere within the arid scenery of the city. National Museum of Afghanistan which was founded by the King Amanullah Khan, is another worth-seeing spot in the city by its archeological ruins revealing the historic fabric of the country. Abdul Rahman Mosque, on the other hand, is one of the largest mosques in the Asia, with its capacity of 10 thousand people. The mosque also includes a library within, consisting of more than 15 thousand books as well. Along with this, the capital does not offer an advanced transport network. It would therefore be best to rent a car for reaching comfortably the spots you wish to visit and ensure a smooth transport during your stay.

Mazar-ı Sharif, as the center of Belh province in the northern Afghanistan is the most visited destination countrywide. Named after many shrines it is home to, this city is highly sacred for the Islamic world. The shrine of Prophet Ali, enthralling by its turquoise ceramics and glorious presence is certainly the most attention-grabbing spot in the city.

Minaret of Jam in the height of 65 meters, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO with its geometrical designs and manuscripts, located in the Shahrak district in the Ghor Province as one of the most significant touristic settlement countrywide by its historical artifacts; Herat Citadel built in the 4th century during the reign of Alexander the Great; Band-e Amir National Park, the first national park in Afghanistan, and the Buddha statues in the Bamiyan province are other attractions which should be visited in Afghanistan.

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