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Flights to Belarus

Minsk Belarusian, Russian
Belarusian Ruble 9,5 million
New Year (January 01), Women’s Day (March 08), Labor Day (May 01), Belarus Independence Day (July 03), October Revolution Day (November 07), Christmas (December 25)

Belarus, officially the Republic of Belarus was used to be a country in the Soviet Union, located in the Eastern Europe. As a homeland of the Slavic tribes now, who came from Ukraine and Poland between the 6th and 8th centuries, Belarus shines out by its attractive history, colorful culture and verdant nature. Although being a landlocked country, the beautiful forests covering the majority of the country simply appeal to the nature lovers. Ranking among the top peaceful countries worldwide by its crime rate near zero, Belarus becomes more popular each passing day, drawing interest of more and more people gradually.

If you are also interested in exploring Belarus by its fresh air within the nature, its perfect city planning and entertaining nightlife, take a look at the flight tickets now to start planning your trip making use of the privileged opportunities offered by Turkish Airlines.

Flight Details

Belarus flight details

Flights to Belarus with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Minsk National Airport (MSQ) in the capital within two and a half hours in average.

In addition to its splendid historical artifacts, fascinating nature and peaceful cities, Belarus is in high demand also by the wide range of opportunities it offers to its visitors of every taste. The government of Belarus is highly assertive about improving the country’s place in tourism. It therefore sponsors many festivals taking place all year round. These festivals which turn the country into a more attractive destination for the tourists may also guide you to determine the dates of your vacation.

Kupala Night events where the coming of spring is celebrated offer you a chance to witness the Slavic culture and have enjoyable moments. Held every year in July 6 and 7, the event is extremely popular among the young people in Eastern Europe as well. Offering enthusiastic moments by concerts, various joyful events and fun, the festival’s most remarkable activity is the water fights. Another festival where you can witness the Slavic culture in the most amusing way is the International Vitebsk Art Festival. Held with the participation of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Poland, this organization focuses on Slavic music. The events where the countries’ classical music orchestras compete with each other turn into a real musical feast.

Menestral Guitar Festival is another attention-grabbing event in Belarus. This long festival lasting for two months in February and March welcomes notable people both from the country and Russia. If you are planning to be in Belarus during these dates, it would be recommendable to book your flight in advance not to miss this wonderful festival where you can enjoy the music to the fullest. Other festivals you would like to join would be the International Jazz Festival, Minsk Spring Festival and Lipstapad International Film Festival.

Attraction Points

Belarus sightseeing and attractions

The capital Minsk, formerly known as Menja is a peerless city located right in the heart of Belarus. The city had lost almost all of its historical artifacts when destroyed during the World War II. Nevertheless, rising from the ashes as a delightful and comfortable city by its vast streets and spectacular landscaping, Minsk exceedingly satisfies all its guests now.

A significant square in the capital, Independence Square is often regarded as the heart of the city. The square hosts the statue of Lenin right in the middle, with Church of Saints Simon and Helena behind. Often cited as the “Red Church” by its red bricks, this artifact remains as a highly crowd-pulling spot in Minsk both by its architectural charm and its sentimental value. Another church evoking admiration by its architectural charm is the Holy Spirit Cathedral. The Theotokos icon within, which is reported as miraculous is the main reason to visit this stunning cathedral.

Minsk has a historic region called “Old Town” in its Trinity district, just like in many European countries. It is a highly vibrant spot by its colorful houses, pleasant cafés and marketplaces behind verdant parks. The Island of Tears in Trinity district is another worth-seeing attraction. Connected to the city via a footbridge on Svislach River, the island also is home to a glorious monument built to commemorate more than 700 martyrs of the war in Afghanistan.

Minsk hosts many attractive museums to visit as well. Belarus National Art Museum on Lenin Street exhibits more than 30 thousand works of European and Russian artists from the Medieval Age till the end of the 20th century. The Museum of Stones at the crossroads of Shugaeva and Akedemica Kuprevicha streets also has a highly creative theme. The map of Belarus drawn by 2314 pieces of rock on an area of 6,5 hectares is simply amazing. The Great Patriotic War Museum, on the other hand, which was established to commemorate the self-devotion of the local people during the war, is a perfect spot to learn more about the country’s background.

Belarus Modern National Library, situated in a park close to the capital ranks among the top sumptuous modern buildings of the county. As the world’s third largest library, this spot can be visited by joining the guided tours to gain a detailed insight.

Minsk is also remarkable for its beautiful parks and gardens. Chelyuskintsev Park, where nearly 22 thousand plant species live on an area covering 59 hectares, together with Gorky Park nearby Svislach River, and Mikhailovsky Park full of the works of Vladimir Zhdanov, the famous sculptor of Belarus, are among the popular spots to enjoy your time in a pleasant way. In addition, Loshitsa Park remaining from the 16th century is certainly one of the top charming spots in the city, which hosts various events in the summer nights, such as poetry, theater and cinema.

The second most visited city in the country after Minsk is Brest. This historic city very close to country’s border with Poland offers many attention-grabbing spots to see, including but not limited to Brest Fortress and Museum, Brest Historical Museum and the Museum of Confiscated Art. Brest City Park, on the other hand, is regarded as the most peaceful spot in the city. Note that there are regular train services operating between the capital and Brest every day. Nevertheless, you may also consider the option of renting a car to visit Brest whenever you want.

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