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Flights to Bulgaria

Sofia Bulgarian
Bulgarian Lev 7,102 million
New Year (January 01), Liberation Day (March 03), Easter (March), Labor Day (May 01), St. George’s Day (May 06), Culture and Literacy Day (May 24), Unification Day (September 06), Independence Day (September 22), Christmas (December 24-26)

Bulgaria is one of the most attractive holiday destinations of the Balkan Peninsula by its prosperous history and multicultural fabric. Satisfying the expectations of especially the culture fanciers by its historic Ottoman mosques, Orthodox churches and Roman ruins, Bulgaria is also highly assertive in nature tourism with its verdant spaces for trekking, as well as its splendid beaches and winter sport opportunities.

Having been a cradle of Thracians, Slavs, Greeks, Byzantines and Ottoman Empire respectively throughout the history by its location between the east and the west, Bulgaria truly is an outstanding cultural destination in Europe. You may visit the public libraries and museums in the capital Sofia; see the Thracian Tomb at Sveshtari or Kazanlak Temple in Kazanlak Village; as well as the Rila Monastery, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Take a look at the flight to Bulgaria offered by Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a privileged journey to this lovely country enthralling by its marvelous nature, turquoise sea, deep-rooted history and culture.

Flight Details

Bulgaria flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to two different destinations in Bulgaria: Sofia and Varna. Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Sofia Airport (SOF) in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia take nearly an hour and a half. Direct flights to Varna Airport (VAR), on the other hand, take an hour in average.

The air traffic between Türkiye and Bulgaria is quite busy all year round thanks to their proximity to each other and Bulgaria’s being cheaper compared to other European destinations. In addition, various international festivals and events taking place in the country also make Bulgaria a favorite place for having a tranquil and enjoyable vacation. Sofia International Film Festival in March, which is regarded as one of the most prestigious movie festivals in Europe opens its doors to many globally known movies and welcomes the attendants from various countries worldwide. Sofia Jazz Fest in April, Varna Summer Festival in June and Varna International Music Festival in July are among the top crowd-pulling events held countrywide.

Bulgaria also hosts events to witness its unique local culture. Celebrated at the last week of January, International Masquerade Games Festival stands out as an extremely colorful event, sustaining the traditions dating back to the Pagan beliefs, offering truly a visual feast by interesting masks and traditional costumes. Kukerlandia Festival which is held in February is another impressive cultural feast organized in the country. During this vigorous festival, attendants with traditional costumes and masks representing the Thracian warriors dance by the pounding of bells attached to their belts to chase away evil spirits.

In addition to its brilliant historical artifacts and attractive events, Bulgaria addresses both the summer tourism by its spectacular beaches and the winter tourism by its remarkable skiing centers. As the country is in high demand all year round irrespective of the season, it would be recommendable to plan in advance your visit to this riveting holiday destination.

Attraction Points

Bulgaria sightseeing and attractions

Having hosted the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Slavs and Bulgarians for long years, Bulgaria owns a highly prosperous cultural heritage. The capital Sofia is probably the most ideal place to witness such blended culture of the country. As one of the oldest European towns, Sofia is home to countless historical artifacts. Alexander Nevski Cathedral, as one of the icons of Bulgaria, together with Sofia Archeological Museum exhibiting the ruins of all civilizations the country had been home to from B.C. to the 18th century, the historic Sofia Mosque and Sofia Museum of History as the oldest museum of Bulgaria are only a few of the many must-see spots in the capital. If you are planning to explore this cultural capital of Balkans, book your flight to Sofia now and get ready to embark on a magical adventure.

As the second largest city countrywide, Plovdiv is another must-see destination with various historical artifacts remaining from the Roman period. The Old Ottoman houses outside of the Roman ancient theater and Roman Forum district are also worth-seeing. Plovdiv is one hour drive away from the capital Sofia. If you are interested in reaching any attraction comfortably and expanding your travel plan, you may consider the option of car rental to be at ease during your stay.

Those planning to entertain themselves rather than witnessing the deep-rooted history of the country may take a look at the flights to Varna, the third largest city in the country promising a total amusing vacation. Serving to the summer tourism as the country’s sea capital, Varna is under the spotlight by its museums, churches, parks and famous zoos, as well as its beautiful beaches.

Apart from history, sea, sand and sun, Bulgaria has many skiing centers to offer for those fond of winter tourism. As a country hosting the Balkan’s highest mountain, Musala Mountain, Bulgaria owns various ski tracks; Bonsko and Pamporovo are one of the top popular skiing centers in the country.

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