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Flights to Cameroon

Yaoundé French, English
CFA Franc 24,05 million
New Year (January 01), Youth Day (February 11), National Day (May 20), Christmas (December 25), Good Friday, Ascension Day, Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday, Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed

Located right in the heart of the Africa, Republic of Cameroon is one of the most attractive destinations in the continent by its location along the Atlantic Ocean, its marvelous nature to explore the wildlife and its colorful culture. This pretty country is often cited as the “Little Africa” by its rich lands as home to more than 15 thousand butterfly types, 280 mammals and 542 different fish species. During your visit, you may have a chance to observe the wildlife, be enthralled by the heavenly landscapes and enjoy a holiday full of adventure.

Take a look at the flights to Cameroon with Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a privileged journey and start planning your travel to explore the untouched nature of this country.

Flight Details

Cameroon flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to two different destinations in Cameroon: Yaoundé and Douala. Flights taking off from Istanbul Airport (IST) take nearly seven hours and fifteen minutes to Yaoundé Nsimaken International Airport (NSI) in the capital. Flights to Douala International Airport (DLA) in the largest city of Cameroon take nearly nine hours.

As a country with a tropical geography, Cameroon can be visited at all seasons. Shining out as a delightful and outstanding alternative for cold winter days, Cameroon’s colorful events should also be taken into consideration while organizing your trip.

The most striking event to witness the country’s colorful culture is Ngondo Festival taking place in December every year. The event where all ethnical groups in Cameroon come together to exhibit and celebrate their traditions is held in Douala, on the banks of Wouri River. Dance performances, concerts and canoe races combined by the enchanting atmosphere turn into an unforgettable experience here. Moreover, African Music Market would be a perfect choice for those interested in listening to different melodies. Locally known as Le Kolatier, this festival is organized in Douala once in every two years. In addition to the enthusiastic events gathering together the notable musicians countrywide, festival also offers various seminars to join and an amusement park to have fun.

As a country attaching great importance to art and especially theater, Cameroon hosts two extremely remarkable festivals in this field. African Theatre Festival for Children and Young People held in November in the capital aims to ensure children and young people to take professional steps into this sector via many seminars and events, and is held with huge participation from foreign countries as well. National Art and Culture Festival, on the other hand, arouses interest as another noteworthy culture-art event. Organized in the city of Moroua in December, this festival is highly important which aims to raise new artists and pass on via art the cultural prosperity of Cameroon. Parades, vibrant music and dance shows organized within the scope of this event are also very appealing to the tourists.

Attraction Points

Cameroon sightseeing and attractions

Cameroon’s capital Yaoundé is a city to be visited easily all the time far from the tropical rains by its location 750 meters above the sea level. Blackitude Museum may be your first stop in the city, which welcomes those interested in learning more about the country’s history and culture. Besides, Cameroon Museum of Art stands out as the most remarkable and popular museum countrywide, reflecting Cameroon’s passion to art in the best way. The museum exhibits potteries, wooden carvings and various objects of numerous tribes, as well as many works of art from sculpture to portraits. Our Lady of Victories Cathedral, evoking admiration by its charming architecture is another touristic spot in the capital. Built in 1952 and regarded amongst the top notable and glorious houses of worship in the city, this cathedral owns a capacity of 5000 people. Those wishing to see the unique nature and ecologic diversity of the country without getting away from the city may visit Mvog-Betsi Zoo, which is regarded as the best zoo in the Western Africa region.

The largest city in Cameroon, Douala is known as the richest city of the Economic Community of Central African States. The Maritime Museum of Douala is the largest museum serving in the city, and the first and only maritime museum countrywide. Offering a lot of information about the maritime background of Cameroon, the museum is highly attractive by its modern architecture, as well as various ship models and accessories about seamanship. The natural marvel Limbe, formed as a result of a volcanic eruption in 1999 is the most attractive spot in the city, which is very close to the Wildlife Centre. Moreover, Limbe is also home to Botanic Gardens, as one of the world’s most valuable tropical botanic gardens. This garden has an important place in Cameroon for education, science and tourism by its giant area of 48 hectares where you can see many exotic plants like coffee, cacao, rubber, palm oil and banana.

Transportation is ensured by minibuses in the country’s largest city Douala. Even though these vehicles are very popular, you may also benefit from the option of car rental to easily transport between the cities and see each of Cameroon’s stunning natural marvels. It would also be advantageous to have a car for reaching the Mount Cameroon, one of the top popular spots in the country. Situated near the Gulf of Guinea, Mount Cameroon is known as the fourth highest spot in Africa by its height of 4040 meters. Ranking among the top largest volcanic mountains as well, Mount Cameroon’s most recent eruption occurred in 2012.

Another touristic natural marvel of Cameroon is Ekom-Nkam Falls. The vibrant waterfall of 80 meters formed by Nkam River in the southern of Dschang County in Haut Nkam region of the western Cameroon, simply enthralls all its visitors by its view and sound. Cameroon is home to many national parks to witness the country’s natural gems as well. The most popular one, which is also included in UNESCO World Heritage List, is Dja National Park. Hosting more than 1500 plant species, 107 mammals including elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees and more than 320 bird species, Dja National Park is truly a worth-seeing spot, attracting considerable number of tourists.

Furthermore, those interested in safari mostly prefer Waza National Park. The area of savanna vegetation covering 1700 square kilometers hosts many mammals like lions, elephants, hyenas, cheetahs, gazelles and elephants, in addition to the species of herons, pelicans and gooses. Those planning to explore the rich geography of Cameroon rather than safari may visit Korup National Park. As the oldest and richest rainforest of Africa in flora and fauna diversity, Korup invites you to experience a magical adventure by its suspension bridges on its rivers, and frog and butterfly types you may encounter around every corner.

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