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Flights to Chad

N’Djamena French, English
CFA Franc 36,29 million
New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01), Africa Day (May 25), Independence Day (August 11), Christmas (December 25), Easter, Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday, Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed

As a landlocked country in the Central Africa, Chad is bordered by Niger to the west, Libya, Nigeria and Cameroon to the north, Central African Republic to the south and Sudan to the east. The country, of which majority is covered by the Sahara Desert, owns ancient lands pointing out the first settlement around 7000s before Common Era. Chad accordingly shines out as a destination attracting especially the history fanciers.

Take a look at the flight ticket alternatives right now to enjoy a pleasant and privileged journey with Turkish Airlines and start planning your travel to Chad by its national parks, glorious geographical beauties and mystical desert atmosphere.

Flight Details

Chad flight details

Turkish Airlines flights to Chad take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at N’Djamena Airport (NDJ) in the country’s capital within nearly nine hours and forty five minutes.

Chad covered with the Sahara Desert has desert climate effective in its northern parts. The remaining regions in the country have tropical climate. Temperatures that do not go below all year round turn Chad into a destination to be visited at all seasons.

One of the most ideal times to visit the country is the Africa Day held in May 25 every year when various events are held at many African countries including Chad, to commemorate the continent’s gain of freedom from the European colonies. You may consider attending these events to observe the local life in Chad and gain a more detailed insight on the country’s culture.

Attraction Points

Chad sightseeing and attractions

The capital and the largest city in Chad, N’Djamena is the top touristic spot countrywide as well. The National Museum revealing the deep-rooted background of the country generally serves as the first stop of N’Djamena tours. The museum exhibits extraordinary archeological ruins, including but not limited to millstones, arrow heads, hunting drawings remaining from the 1000s Before Common Era, as well as the ancient masks and historic musical instruments. On the other hand, the most attention-grabbing artifact in the capital is the Cathedral of Virgin Mary. Built in 1965, this sanctuary was reconstructed in 1986 as it was damaged during the civil war and serves today as one of the most crowd-pulling attractions in the capital. In addition, Chari River in N’Djamena is regarded as the most marvelous spot to watch the sunset. It would therefore be recommendable to visit this river and have pleasant moments photographing the brilliant landscape.

Note that you should travel a bit to see the country’s main charms after visiting the capital. It may be advisable to rent a car for ensuring a smooth transport during your stay and seeing the attractions all over the country, instead of only in the capital.

The most attractive site countrywide is doubtlessly the Sahara Desert. Extending over many countries like Egypt, Algeria, Mauritania and Morocco in addition to Chad, the Sahara Desert is an utterly glorious natural marvel dating back to more than two million years. As the world’s largest desert by its area of nearly 9 million square kilometers, Sahara is simply worth-seeing by all its charm. Make sure to also see during your desert tour the Ennedi Massif in the middle of the Sahara Desert, resembling truly a hidden paradise. Being a total savior in the middle of the desert by its numerous underground water resources and small basins, this massif also hosts water bodies where sea crocodiles and fish live.

Lake Chad, which is known to be the largest lake in the region, hosts hippopotamuses, crocodiles, fish and many aquatic bird species by its fresh water, islets and reeds. Although Lake Chad is a frequently visited spot by its enthralling landscape, the ideal place for those wishing to see the wild life is Zakouma National Park. As home to lions, flocks of antelopes, giraffes and baboons, this national park would be a reason on its own to visit Chad.

Owning one of the richest lands worldwide in geographical diversity, Chad is also remarkable for majestic mountains fascinating by their glory, as well as the savior water bodies in the heart of the desert and tropic habitats where countless species live. Formed by the unusual combination of sandstone and lavas, Tibesti Mountains ranks among the top attractive geographical spots countrywide. Tousside, an active volcano at the summits of Tibesti Mountains and another active volcano Tarso Toh in the north also offer worth-seeing views by their jet black vents and lava flows around.

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