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Flights to Comoros

Moroni French, Comorian, Arabic
Comorian Franc 813,912
New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01), Independence Day (July 06), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday, Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed

The Comoros, officially the Union of the Comoros is an island country consisting of the islands at the north end of the Mozambique Channel. This country of archipelagos which was named as “The Islands of the Moon” by the Arabian sailors visiting the Indian Ocean once upon a time is often cited as “the islands of perfume” due to the rich diversity of honeysuckle, orchid and gardenia flowers. The country offers a pleasant atmosphere for all its guests, as unforgettable as its lovely nickname.

Take a look at the flight tickets alternatives offered by Turkish Airlines now to start planning your travel for embarking on a magical adventure at the Comoros by its enthralling beaches of deep blue sea, marvelous nature and fascinating diving locations.

Flight Details

Comoros flight details

Flights to the Comoros with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport (HAH) in the country’s capital Moroni within nearly eight hours and thirty minutes.

As a slightly rainy country with hot weather at all seasons, Comoros can be visited all the time, regardless of the season, thanks to its geographical location and the diversity of alternatives it offers. You may therefore pick up any dates you wish to have utterly different experience in each charming island and enjoy its splendid beaches for an outstanding vacation.

Attraction Points

Comoros sightseeing and attractions

Moroni is the largest city of the island country Comoros. The city also serves as the first stop for the visits to the country by its deep blue sea and vast crystal sands. Moroni Beach is definitely the most popular beach among the city’s totally beautiful and famous beaches.

Moheli in the southern part of the Grande Comore shines out as one of the top visited destinations countrywide by its virgin nature as home to giant turtles and bats. This island city remarkable for its glorious baobab trees owns a brilliant geography exceedingly satisfying the trekking lovers. If you are lucky, you may have a chance to see the whales and dolphins in their habitats in Moheli, which hosts the first national park in the country as well. Moheli Marine Park is simply worth-seeing by its wide area of 404 square kilometers, as well as its rich nature in terms of biodiversity.

Another natural gem of the Comoros, Dziancoudre Falls flows into a breathtaking crater lake. Surrounded by a verdant nature accompanied by ylang ylang and clove aroma, Dziancoudre is one of the most touristic spots countrywide, offering spectacular landscapes. The Crater Lake extending over an area of 30 hectares is extremely outstanding with its connection to the ocean. It is also known as a popular spot for bird watchers by its rich bird population.

Moreover, Mount Karthala, which is the highest point countrywide, is one of the largest and dangerous active volcanoes worldwide as well. Mount Karthala should definitely be seen especially by those wishing to explore the country’s natural beauties and those interested in climbing; it is truly a must-see destination surrounded by verdant forests.

Travelers looking for a holiday full of sea, sun and sand in Comoros generally prefer Chomoni and Bouni Beach. Particularly Chomoni is highly attention-grabbing with the rocks formed by volcanic lavas on the beach. Make sure to visit also the Petite Terre, a stunning destination consisting of two deserted islands, if you wish to turn your sea holiday into unforgettable moments. It would be an utterly delightful experience to enjoy the sea and sand, which are not explored entirely, at the pretty villages here.

It is possible to use the water carriages serving in different tariffs for transport during your stay in the Comoros. In addition, you may consider the option of car rental as well.

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