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Flights to Czech Republic

Prague Czech
Czech Koruna 10,58 million
New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01), Liberation Day (May 08), Day of the Czech Statehood (September 28), Foundation of the Independent Czechoslovak State (October 28), Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day (November 17), Christmas (December 24-26)

Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is one of the most valuable Central European countries by its history, geography and culture. Taking its guests into a travel in time by its architecture, these lands, as home to one of the most romantic cities in Europe; Prague, would be an ideal destination for cultural tours. During your visit to Czech Republic offering picturesque landscapes every season, you may buy the worldwide famous crystal and glass works of art and visit numerous museums and art galleries to enjoy your vacation.

If you are also interested in exploring the distinctive face of this pretty country, book your flight to Czech Republic with Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a privileged journey of high quality and set your travel plan in advance.

Flight Details

Czech Republic flight details

Direct flights with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Prague Vaclav Havel Airport (PRG) in the capital Prague take nearly two hours and forty minutes.

Vaclav Havel Airport (PRG) serves as the busiest airport countrywide, with an annual capacity of more than 15 million passengers. Brno Airport (BRQ), Ostrava Airport (OSR), Karlovy Vary Airport (KLV) and Pardubice Airport (PED) are other remarkable airports having an important role in the country’s air traffic.

The favorite spot of travelers in Europe tours, Czech Republic ranks among the top favorite countries recently in cultural tourism as well. The country offers many attractions to see and countless activities to do. As a destination which is colored up by vigorous festivals especially in the months of summer, Czech Republic is not only full of history and culture, but also offers various alternatives for music and entertainment as well.

This adorable Central European country hosts many outstanding music festivals. Colors of Ostrava Festival held in every July is one of the most attention-grabbing events taking place in the region. Welcoming more than 100 artists in 16 stages for four days, this festival offers a chance to listen to the world famous performers and attend numerous events, workshops and movie screenings. Hosting thousands of participants all over the world, the country is in high demand during these remarkable festivals.

Rock for People Festival which is also held in July for rock music lovers takes place in an abandoned airport in Hradec Králové. Arousing the interest of a large number of music lovers every year by its camping opportunities and extraordinary atmosphere, this festival is highly popular in Europe.

International Folk Festival would be the best event for those looking forward to witnessing the country’s culture and mythology. Taking place in August at Brno, the second largest city countrywide, this festival is held with huge enthusiasm together with the traditional dances, music and handiwork models. Fringe Festival, which fills the streets with theatre plays in June, together with Český Krumlov International Music Festival where you can enjoy various types of music for three weeks, from classical to opera, and jazz to folklore, rank among the other favorite events taking place countrywide.

Briefly, Czech Republic is flooded by visitors all over the world thanks to its deep-rooted history and entertainment culture. It would therefore be recommendable to plan your travel in advance, taking into account the country’s busy air traffic during the season of vibrant festivals, if you are also planning to get involved in the colorful and entertaining events to enjoy your time to the fullest.

Attraction Points

Czech Republic sightseeing and attractions

The capital Prague is one of the most romantic cities of Central Europe, enthralling by its Gothic and Baroque architectural details accompanied by the distinctive historic fabric and artistic prosperity. The Old Town district generally serves as a first stop for the cultural tours in this adorable capital. This square, which had been used as a market space during the Medieval Age simply fascinates all its guests with its stunning architecture. Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the square, which ranks among the top famous European squares, hosts many mesmerizing artifacts, including but not limited to the Astronomical Clock and the Old Town Hall. The Hall, which had a leading role both in 1918 when the Czechoslovakians declared independence and during the Velvet Revolution in 1989 when the country converted to a democratic republic, is an utterly valuable historical artifact by its glorious architecture. The tiny details remaining from the 15th century, old parliament chamber and the Chapel are truly worth-seeing in this historic Hall. The statues and dances of the Astronomical Clock set in motion on the stroke of every hour draw the attention of every visitor.

Extending over an area of 5 hectares as one of the world’s largest, and as a home to historic palaces, offices, military structures, gardens and religious spots; Prague Castle is another noteworthy attraction. Charles Bridge, in the length of 516 meters filled with statues on the way to the Castle, on the other hand, is truly fascinating. St. Vitus Cathedral which was constructed in nearly 600 years, having hosted coronation ceremonies of the king and queens ruling the country amazes everyone by its Neo-Gothic architecture, whereas Saint Niklaus Church in Mala Strana offers the splendid city view up in its green dome. Moreover, Prague City Hall, as one of the most charming models of Art Nouveau, together with the Church of Our Lady before Týn, the most impressive structure in the city glorifying by its twin towers of 80 meters named Adam and Eve and enthralling by its Gothic style architecture, and the Powder Gate as the starting point of Royal Road till the Royal Palace are only few of the breathtaking artifacts in this stunning capital.

Prague’s modern side is as impressive as its historical artifacts as well. Wesceslas Square, full of luxury stores, restaurants and entertainment centers would be the ideal place to enjoy the contemporary face of Prague. The Dancing House with its extraordinary architecture, which was built in the place of an old building wrecked as a result of an air strike from the US army in 1945, and John Lennon Wall, a spot full of graffiti and lyrics built by the young people from Prague for commemorating John Lennon after his assassination, are among the spots revealing the recent history of Prague.

As all these attractions in Prague are very close to each other, it is possible to reach every spot in the city easily. Nevertheless, you may also consider the option of car rental to expand your route for visiting more than one destination in this magical country. You may visit the house where classical music composer Bedrich Smetana was born in Litomysl, an eastern town between Bohemia and Moravia; see Moravian Karst, a giant underground limestone cave and canyon extending over thousands of kilometers to the north of Brno city; and enjoy the nature at Podyji National Park, as one of the most appealing national parks in Europe by its pretty heathlands, wetlands and walking tracks of 63 kilometers in the Southern Moravian region.

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