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Flights to Estonia

Tallinn Estonian
Euro 1,316 million
New Year (January 01), Independence Day (February 24), Labor Day (May 01), Easter, Victory Day (June 23), Christmas (December 24-26)

Ranking among the top popular Baltic countries, Estonia owns an exciting geography by its natural fabric gathering together the blue and green, as well as its ruins from the Medieval Age and its beautiful forests covering the half of its lands. Reaching a modern presence by the technologic breakthroughs in the recent years in contradiction with its historical fabric, the country is full of attractions exceedingly satisfying the culture fanciers.

Take a look at the flights to Estonia now to enjoy a pleasant journey with Turkish Airlines to this peaceful European destination for seeing the great capital Tallinn on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, traveling in time by its historical artifacts and being enthralled by the natural gems.

Flight Details

Estonia flight details

Flights to Estonia with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport (TLL) in the capital Tallinn within nearly three and a half hours. As a country to be visited all year round thanks to a wide range of opportunities it offers for its guests, Estonia has cool weather even in the months of summer that will not make you feel exhausted by extreme hot temperatures. Providing extraordinary entertainment for the travellers by its long nights and its landscape under the cottony snow resembling a fairytale land in the months of winter, Estonia is in higher demand during summer, thanks to the famous White Nights. Daytime taking up to 19 hours in the summer merges with the colorful events taking place countrywide and brings in many tourists wishing to enjoy the sun and entertainment. Known as the country with the largest folk song collection worldwide, Estonia naturally hosts a large number of music festivals. The most significant music festival is Viljandi Folk Music Fest where you can listen to the musical notes of the country’s own culture. Held in July every year, this festival is regarded as the largest folk music festival in Europe as well. Tudengijazz organized in January and February on the other hand, welcomes the jazz music lovers in Tallinn, Tartu and Viljandi cities concurrently. Baroque Music Festival where the classical music is praised gathers together the most remarkable orchestras worldwide in capital Tallinn in January and February. Parnu Opera Days in July and RainbowJazz welcoming young performers in October are other attention-grabbing music festivals taking place countrywide.

In brief, irrespective of the season, you may find an event or festival to listen to magnificent music whenever you visit Estonia. However, the crowd-pulling events of the country do not solely focus on music. Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival lasting for whole October, which makes the best of long winter nights in Estonia, and Midwinter Night’s Dream bringing together the science fiction and futurist movies with the audience in December rank among the attractive festivals in the country.

It would be recommendable to set your travel plan in advance, keeping in mind that Estonia is in high demand all the time, not only by its natural beauties and history, but also by its entertaining events taking place throughout the year.

Attraction Points

Estonia sightseeing and attractions

As the capital and main port of Estonia, Tallinn simply enthralls its visitors by its deep-rooted history of 500 years, together with its stunning museums and charming nature. Resembling a total fairyland with its cobblestoned streets, glorious churches and long city walls, Tallinn’s Old Town district included in UNESCO World Heritage List is the first stop of the touristic tours. Enchanting by its historical atmosphere and cultural fabric, this district welcomes its guests with Viru Gate between the two towers in its entrance. Going through the gate, you may reach the Town Hall Square by heading towards Viru Street, and to Downtown thereafter, which reminds of a Medieval Age town. This region is full of many historical artifacts, including but not limited to St. Olaf’s Church built in the 12th century. Make sure to also visit Toompea Hill in upward Old Town, which will make you feel like you are in the Europe of the Medieval Age by its beautiful streets surrounded by baileys and well-preserved historic houses.

It is possible to encounter a historic artifact around every corner in Tallinn. Apart from numerous churches and houses from Medieval Age, the Town Hall Pharmacy, the oldest pharmacy in entire Europe which has been in service since 1422 is one of the most crowd-pulling spots in the capital. Serving in two divisions as a pharmacy and museum, Town Hall Pharmacy is regarded amongst the historic icons of the city. As a country attaching great importance to information technologies, both Estonia’s and the capital’s modern icon is Tallinn TV Tower, which is the highest building countrywide with its height of 314 meters.

Although small in area, the capital Tallinn hosts more than 60 museums. Great Guild Hall providing an insight into Tallinn’s prosperous history; National Museum of History where you can learn about the country’s maritime background, and the National Museum of Art fascinating by its peerless art collection are only few of the adorable museums the city harbors.

In addition to its museums, the mesmerizing nature of Estonia is also worth-seeing. Lahemaa National park nearly 70 kilometers to the capital Tallinn shines out as one of the largest national parks in the country and Europe. Tamula Lake in the town of Voru, on the other hand, is an outstanding tourist attraction countrywide where many activities like fishing and oaring are performed. Nevertheless, the most charming natural marvel of Estonia is the Jagala Waterfalls formed by Jagala River in the north of the country. The waterfall is completely frozen in winter and offers spectacular landscapes in the months of spring when snow starts melting.

Estonia offers an advanced tramline in its city centers. However, you may consider the option of car rental to witness such natural marvels and set your own route to see anywhere you wish. If you are planning to meet the fabulous side of Estonia, witness the history by its well-preserved structures and find peace with its verdant nature, book your flight to Tallinn without delay to embark on an amazing adventure.

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