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Flights to Gabon

Libreville French
CFA Franc 2,025 million
New Year (January 01), Renovation Day (March 12), Labor Day (May 01), Martyrs’ Day (May 06), Independence Day (June 16), Christmas (December 25), Easter, Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Ranking among the African destinations with the highest welfare level, Gabon owns an outstanding geography hosting the oldest settlements known worldwide, as well as the Pygmy people, as one of the oldest ethnic groups in the world. Encircled by the deep blue Atlantic Ocean to the west and surrounded by rivers all around, this country is simply worth exploring by its rich culture including 40 different ethnic groups, as well as its enthralling nature.

Take a look at the flight tickets offered by Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a privileged journey of high quality for embarking on a fascinating adventure in Gabon by its utterly interesting traditions, brilliant rainforests and wildlife, together with its crystal sands.

Flight Details

Gabon flight details

Flights to Gabon with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Libreville Leon M’ba International Airport (LBV) in the country’s capital within ten hours in average. As an equator country, Gabon has a tropical climate and therefore can be visited easily at all seasons. The country shines out as one of the first choices of those longing for a holiday on the splendid sands in hot summer days.

The reason of Gabon’s popularity as one of the most visited African destinations is not only its tropical weather. International festivals taking place countrywide have an important role in the country’s popularity as well. One of the most attention-grabbing events is Gabao Hip Hop Festival held with the participation of many African countries, which takes place at the capital Libreville in the 25thof February every year.

Even though hip hop is one of the favorite music genres in the continent, the main theme of many festivals in Gabon is music in general. Les Nuits Atypiques festival held in Mighoma in August draws attention as an event to listen to the traditional music of the country. As a festival not only exhibiting songs but also various performances on the country’s culture, Les Nuits Atypiques would be an ideal event to get to know the continent and Gabon closer. Akini-a-Loubou Festival, aiming to gather together the best dancers of Africa, a continent highly assertive also in dance, takes place in May every year. It is possible to attend dancing seminars and watch the best dancers countrywide during this lovely festival lasting for five days. Moreover, Pan-African Film Festival organized at the end of February and the beginning of March every year, ranks among the top significant art events both in Gabon and in Africa. Hosting more than 100 movies, this festival is held with the huge participation of the movie makers and audiences from all over the world.

Attraction Points

Gabon sightseeing and attractions

The capital of the country, which is also the most vibrant and populous city countrywide, Libreville welcomes the travelers all year round by its warm, luxurious and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Located on the Equatorial line, this lovely city offers a wide range of alternatives for entertainment with its ceaseless nightlife and colorful shopping malls and exceedingly satisfies all its guests by its mosaic of cultures and hospitable people.

Triomphal Boulevard, the heart of Libreville ranks among the top vivacious spots in the city by its luxury hotels, restaurants and stores. You may have a pleasant walk along the boulevard and see many attractive artifacts in the city, including but not limited to St. Michael’s Church arousing interest by its 31 wood carved columns, Presidential Building and the building of Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. Make sure to visit the National Museum of Gabon providing a detailed insight on the country’s background, exhibiting numerous carvings, sculptures, masks and many other archeological ruins and remains.

Another vibrant spot in the capital is the Seaside Boulevard. Shining out by its mini parks, walking trails and verdant spaces along the Atlantic Ocean, this boulevard would be an ideal choice to enjoy the bright sea.

Arboretum de Sibang located about 5 kilometers to the city is a captivating place to be enthralled by the unique nature of the country. You may visit this wonderful rainforest park Sibang by taking a guided tour and see the species of animals and plants living within the park’s boundaries. Gabon offers many more attention-grabbing natural reserves and cities to be in touch with the nature. It would accordingly be advantageous to consider the option of car rental to visit each of these charming spots easily.

Lope National Park is a worth-seeing destination which is included in UNESCO World Heritages List. Containing the last remnants of grass savannas dating back to 15,000 years, this national park simply captivates its guests by its untouched nature. Moreover, Laongo National Park in the western Gabon is the rightest choice to enjoy a wonderful safari tour. It would be recommendable to visit this park and see the leopards walking on the crystal sands, as well as the elephants washing in the river; you may even have a chance to observe the humpback whales in their habitats along the coast line.

Gabon by the Atlantic Ocean hosts numerous beaches as well. Nevertheless, the most popular beach countrywide is Santa Clara, which is surely one of the most tranquil stops of Gabon visits by its fine sands, turquoise water and spectacular landscape.

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