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Flights to Ireland

Dublin Irish and English
Euro 4,8 million
New Year (January 01), Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17 or the following Monday), Easter (April), Halloween (October), Christmas (December 25), Saint Stephen’s Day (December 26)

As an island country, Ireland is an extremely impressive destination by its natural gems and spectacular coasts. Owning a very deep-rooted history, this European country is under a worldwide spotlight also by its high living standards. Although it offers a wide range of activities for its guests, Ireland is ideal especially for the trekking tours providing a chance to explore the beautiful cliffs and rivers, leaving indelible memories by its splendid nature.

Take a look at the flights to Ireland now to experience the entertaining cities and festivals, as well as the breathtaking nature of this brilliant country.

Flight Details

Ireland flight details

Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland. Flights take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Dublin Airport (DUB) within nearly four hours and thirty minutes. Operating ceaselessly every day of the year except for Christmas (December 25), Dublin Airport (DUB) hosts 30 million passengers in average each year. The air traffic gets busier especially during the summertime. On the other hand, Belfast International Airport (BFS), Shannon Airport (SNN) and Cork Airport (ORK) are other busy airports serving in the country.

Ireland has utterly attractive destinations for the fanciers of natural sports like hiking and cycling. The convenient weather conditions in the country offer a chance to explore these routes throughout the year, regardless of the season. Besides, Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17), dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland, which is celebrated almost all over the world including Ireland, would be an ideal date to visit this adorable country, famous for its festivals. During the week of Saint Patrick’s Day, the popular cities countrywide, especially the capital Dublin, Waterford, Galway, Westport and the second largest city Cork City witness extremely colorful moments.

Other festivals taking place at different Irish cities are as glorious as the Saint Patrick’s Day. The capital hosts a large number of festivals during the Dublin Festival Season in September and October. The famous Dublin Theatre Festival is held in this season as well. Galway International Art Fest in July is among the top remarkable art events worldwide. Dalriada Festival, held in Northern Ireland also in July promises a joyous weekend for the families with various events taking place at Glenarm Castle, which is one of the most glorious buildings in the country. Kilkenny Art Festival, held in August with the participation of the famous artists, is another attention-grabbing festival organized countrywide.

It would be recommendable to plan your visit to Ireland without delay not to miss out these numerous entertaining festivals.

Attraction Points

Ireland sightseeing and attractions

Capital Dublin generally is the first stop of those visiting this magical country. Established as a Viking settlement during the 10th century, Dublin owns many enjoyable spots, including but not limited to Grafton Street and Guinness Storehouse, the pride of Irish people. Saint Patrick Park and Merrion Square are ideal spots to breathe in the fresh air, captivating by the vast verdant spaces. Make sure to visit Temple Bar Food Market set on Saturdays at Meeting House Square to try the palatable dishes of local cuisine. It is not surprising that Dublin Writers Museum is flooded by literature fanciers every day. After all, Dublin is the hometown of many notable authors like Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde and James Joyce. Built as a Viking fortress in the 13th century, Dublin Castle is another tourist attraction which should definitely be seen. In addition, the Old Library in the Trinity College is very impressive especially by its main hall.

It is possible to reach southern and northern coasts by the railway system DART, providing transport between the cities, for those interested in visiting also other destinations during their stay at Ireland. You may also consider the option of car rental for following your own route in a comfortable way throughout your visit.

The most attractive coast to visit is surely the Waterford, one of the oldest cities in the country. Reginald’s Tower, Waterford Museum of Treasures and House of Waterford Crystal are the noteworthy attractions in the region often referred to as “Viking Triangle”. The port town at the west side, Galway is another enthralling city in the country. The city’s center Eyre Square is full of localities to let yourself go with the rhythm of the traditional Irish music. Latin Quarter and Galway Arts Centre, on the other hand, are the favorites of culture and shopping lovers. Cork City in the southwestern Ireland is the second largest city of the country. The gourmet lovers passing by this beautiful city should definitely see English Market. Saint Fin Barre Cathedral, Blarney Castle and the notable Blarney Stone are only a few of the many attractions this city harbors.

You may visit Ireland also to see the expressive Northern Lights. Donegal County in the northern Ireland is one of the favorite destinations for watching this magnificent natural phenomenon. The most ideal period to witness this enthralling natural event is between November and February.

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