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Flights to Ivory Coast

Yamoussoukro French
West African CFA Franc 23,7 million
New Year (January 01), Independence Day (August 07), National Peace Day (November 15), Houphouet Bongny Day (December 07), Christmas (December 25), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Located in West Africa, Ivory Coast is a globally known destination particularly by its coffee and cocoa production of high quality. Situated along the North Atlantic Ocean, this beautiful country generously shares with its guests the natural gems it harbors thanks to its geographical location and serves as one of the most touristic destinations in Africa. Rapidly developing after the French colonial period following its independence, the country is cited as Ivory Coast as it used to trade in elephant and ivory for many years. Accompanying the Atlantic Ocean with its coast line of more than 500 kilometers, Ivory Coast fulfills numerous expectations for a vacation for both cultural activities full of sea and sun, as well as natural and water sports.

Book your flight to Ivory Coast without delay now to enjoy an unforgettable vacation sunbathing on the crystal sands along the beautiful ocean, joining the cocoa farm tours and seeing various animal species in their natural habitats.

Flight Details

Ivory Coast flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to Abidjan, which is the former capital with the largest airport in the country. Flights operated directly from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Felix Houphouet Boigny International Airport (ABJ) take nearly nine hours. Turkish Airlines offers four flights in average every week in this route; the flights are likely to increase in number in the summer months.

Air traffic in the country gets busier during the season of ethnical and international festivals. International African Performing Arts Festival taking place in March, together with the International Comedy Festival in August, Abidjan International Jazz Festival in November and RTI Music Awards are the remarkable attention-grabbing events organized in the country. Clap-Ivoire Movie Festival taking place in Abidjan every September, and the Ivory Coast National Film Festival in November are held with huge participation also from abroad.

You may consider taking your vacation during these festivals if you are planning an amazing holiday by the fascinating Ivory Coast with its splendid beaches.

Attraction Points

Ivory Coast sightseeing and attractions

Make sure to get vaccinated for the prevenient vaccines prior to your visit to Ivory Coast where the natural habitat is interfered in minimum. Following your vaccination, get ready to be fascinated by the pure sea, beaches, various sports activities and interesting tours Ivory Coast offers. There is always more to discover here; you may swim in the bright sea, enjoy the warm sun, spend your time in the immense sands or join the diving tours.

The capital Yamoussoukro is usually the first stop of the visitors in the country. Basilique Notre-Dame de la Paix, which is the third largest basilica worldwide is the most touristic and iconic spot in the city. Ranking among the top largest worldwide, this glorious Christian church was inspired from the Vatican City.

Located 240 kilometers from Yamoussoukro, Abidjan is the former capital and still hosts many administrative centers within. As a coastal town, Abidjan is the largest city countrywide and regarded as the economic core of the Ivory Coast. Offering probably the most surprising profile in Africa with its shoreline along the ocean surrounded by the skyscrapers, the city owns a tempting touristic value all year round. It therefore provides an ideal holiday atmosphere for those interested both in metropolitan life, and in enjoying the sun and sea, getting to know the natural habitat as well. National Museum and St. Paul’s Cathedral are the remarkable cultural spots in the city. Ivory Coast National Library and Cocody Contemporary Art Museum also serve as a must-see spot. Another alternative would be La Caava market where you can have an enjoyable experience meeting the local people and culture. Those interested in seeing the natural habitats and forests however unwilling to get close to the wilderness may visit Banco Rainforests National Park and Zoo to have unforgettable moments in the nature.

As the first capital of the country, Grand-Bassam is under protection by UNESCO as included in the World Heritage List. You may visit this city and enjoy a pleasant time in the beach, or have a great cultural tour full of impressive details in the Historic Town region.

Bingerville stands out as a natural space, which is one hour drive away from Abidjan. You may see the country’s fauna at Bingerville Botanical Gardens and take wonderful photographs by attending the tours organized in the natural parks full of wild life reserves.

Options of car rental are also available to ensure a smooth transportation during your stay for getting the chance to visit multiple destinations in a comfortable way.

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