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Flights to Jordan

Amman Arabic
Jordanian Dinar 9,702 million
New Year (January 01), Birthday of King Abdullah (January 30), Labor Day (May 01), Christmas (December 25), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday, Mawlid an-nabi, Miraj

Officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is one of the most worth-seeing attractive destinations worldwide in the heart of Middle East, enthralling by its culture, nature and ancient ruins still waiting to be discovered. If you are also planning a visit to this charming country offering a magical atmosphere by its historical artifacts many served as a movie set for famous Hollywood productions like Indiana Jones, its ancient towns resembling open-air museums, deserts to watch the beautiful sunsets, safari opportunities, Dead Sea with a view of Jerusalem and its ancient capital of legendary beauty Amman, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, have a look at the flights to Jordan with Turkish Airlines without delay to take your first step into an extraordinary experience.

Flight Details

Jordan flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to two different destinations in Jordan: Amman and Aqaba. Direct flights from Istanbul Airport to Queen Alia Airport (AMM) in Jordan’s capital Amman take nearly two hours and thirty minutes; whereas direct flights to King Hussein International Airport (AQJ) in Aqaba take three hours in average.

Air traffic in Jordan gets even busier during the months of spring. This season is ideal for a visit, not only due to the weather conditions, but also the vivacious festivals taking place countrywide. Dead Sea, also known as the salt lake 400 meters below the sea level in which plants and animals cannot flourish due to intense salinity, is one of the most remarkable tourist attractions countrywide, flooded by millions of tourists especially during the Dead Sea Festival held in May each year.

Aqaba Traditional Arts Festival in May is another crowd-pulling event, which is held with huge participation from people abroad where the unique traditions of Bedouin culture are celebrated with enthusiastic shows and hand workmanship. Organized also in February, Azraq Festival is one of the smallest events of Jordan, yet an outstanding feast to reflect the local culture by dance shows, music and traditional cuisine. The Jordan Rally is another attention-grabbing event, appealing especially to the speed freaks.

Attraction Points

Jordan sightseeing and attractions

Jordan’s capital Amman is included in UNESCO World Heritage List, as one of the most ancient settlements worldwide. As the country’s largest city at the same time, it is reported that Amman was established in 7000 B.C., and shines out as being a more active settlement today, despite this deep-rooted background. The capital hosts numerous historical artifacts remaining from each civilization it had been home to. The most attractive spot in the city is the Roman Theatre, as one of the ancient ruins in the region. This giant artifact with its capacity of 6000 people is a remarkable must-see spot in the capital. In addition, the Temple of Hercules dating back to Romans, together with the Amman Citadel, King Abdullah I Mosque as one of the icons in the city, and the glorious Mshatta Palace built in 743 are other attractions to be definitely seen during your visit. Amman Archeological Museum where you may witness the city’s history chronologically, Royal Automobile Museum exhibiting the vehicles used in the Kingdom of Jordan, as well as Amman Museum of Fine Arts, are attractive cultural spots in the capital.

Aqaba, Jordan’s gate to the sea is notable for its museums, parks and natural gems. Aqaba Fortress built by the Mamelukes and Aqaba Heritage Museum in the Great Arab Revolt Plaza are the significant must-see spots drawing attention of the visitors. Situated along the gulf, Aqaba is the favorite destination of diving lovers by its colorful underwater world as well.

What is more, Aqaba is also very close to Petra, Jordan’s most enchanting ancient town. This ancient caravan town which used to be one of the most significant trade roads worldwide is hidden on a canyon carved into red rocks by its marvelous architectural details as a blend of eastern and Hellenistic style. Regarded among the world’s largest and outstanding archeological sites, Petra can easily be reached by the buses setting off from Aqaba. Nevertheless, it would be best to consider the option of car rental so as to ensure a smooth transport in the entire country, rather than only between Aqaba and Petra, and set your own route to visit multiple destinations for exploring Jordan’s charms.

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