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Flights to Kazakhstan

Astana Kazakh, Russian
Kazakhstan Tenge 17,8 million
New Year (January 01), Orthodox Christmas (January 07), Women’s Day (March 08), Newroz (March 21, 22, 23), Labor Day (May 01), Victory Day (May 09), Republic Day (June 02), Day of the Capital (July 06), Constitution Day (August 30), Day of the First President (December 01), Independence Day (December 16, 17, 18), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Kazakhstan ranks among the top 10 largest countries worldwide, extending over the Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Serving with the capital Astana, the country is one of the independent Turkic states as well. Kazakhstan has a continental climate where the months of winter are quite cold and challenging under the snow. Kazakhstan welcomes a large number of visitors each year by its location between Aral Sea and Lake Hazar, together with its giant parks and outstanding Kazakh culture.

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Flight Details

Kazakhstan flight details

Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to two different destinations in Kazakhstan: Almaty and Astana.

Flights operated from Istanbul Airport (IST) take four and a half to five and a half hours in average. Almaty Airport (ALA) in the former capital Almaty which is the largest airport countrywide serving as a transit point for Far East and Europe flights, and, Astana Airport (TSE) located in the new capital, Astana are the points of destination for the flights to Kazakhstan.

As a valuable concept of cultural mosaic, Newroz is celebrated utterly enthusiastically in the country. Platforms are set on squares and various outdoor spaces all over the country and people are served with refreshments; this remarkable event is accompanied by live performances and targets a huge participation every year. The former capital, Almaty, which is the most vigorous city countrywide in terms of festival, hosts extremely popular events; local music festival, The Spirit of Tengri in June and the New Age Festival held in the highlands of the city in August are among the remarkable events taking place with huge participation. Voice of Asia, International Film Festival and International Jazz Festival are other attention-grabbing organizations Almaty hosts. Moreover, Almaty Apple Festival in September is very colorful, attended by the visitors from foreign countries as well. On the other hand, International Astana Action Film Festival held in July at Astana, together with Astana Food Festival in August is among the other popular festivals organized countrywide.

It would therefore be advantageous booking your flight in advance if you are interested in visiting Kazakhstan during these international events. Take a look at the flight tickets offered by Turkish Airlines now to see all your alternatives and plan your travel without delay.

Attraction Points

Kazakhstan sightseeing and attractions

As the most popular cities in Kazakhstan, Astana and Almaty also serve as the largest and most modern metropolises countrywide. Almaty has been an enjoyable metropolitan as the center of education, business, vacation and entertainment in the country, after its duty as a capital has ended. The capital Astana, on the other hand, is outstanding as an utterly lovely city, with its presence full of aesthetic and contemporary details in the heart of Asian steppes.

As a cosmopolitan city right in the middle of Asia, Almaty owns a legendary beauty by its location between the Trans-Ilı Alatau Mountains. Having been a significant stop in the historical Silk Road, Almaty is covered under snow in the winter months and stands out by its popular skiing centers such as Medeu and Shymbulak. The city, which is full of modern and colorful cafés and restaurants everywhere, has undergone radical changes in the last 20 years. The Green Bazaar, often cited as Zelionyj is an open market place which should definitely be seen. Republic Square and Monument of Independence, Central State Museum, Zenkov Cathedral, Panfilov Park and Kok-tobe Hill cable car are among the most popular must-see spots the city offers. Take a look at the flights to Almaty now for an enjoyable holiday both for resting and enjoying fully this huge, populous and magnificent Asian city.

Since Astana serves as a capital built via a single project on the planned area, the sizes of many administrative and cultural buildings are impressively flamboyant. The city offers many attractions which are generally situated on the left bank of the Ishim River. The main touristic spots in the city are the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which makes its mark by its amazing structure, the Nur Astana Mosque as the third largest mosque in Central Asia, the Pyramid of Peace and Accord where the city’s concerts and cultural, artistic and seminary events take place, the Baiterek Monument which is regarded as the icon of the city, and Dostoevsky’s Former Home which he used to live during his banishment. In addition, The State Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Ak Orda Presidential Palace and Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center are only a few of other central points which can be visited during your stay.

Note that you may benefit from the public transport options in your visit to Kazakhstan. Besides, it would be useful to mention that, even not a cab, many vehicles are at your service in Kazakhstan for a fee to take you anywhere you wish. However, if you are interested in a more comfortable and private option; you may consider the alternative of renting a car and ensure a smooth transport during your vacation.

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