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Flights to Kuwait

Kuwait City Arabic
Kuwaiti Dinar 4,137 million
New Year (January 01), National Day (February 25), Independence Day (February 26), Miraj, Sacrifice Holiday, Ramadan Feast, Islamic New Year

Encircled by Saudi Arabia and Iraq in the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait is one of the significant ports in the region by its location along the Persian Gulf. Meeting the civilization with the Ancient Greek colonizers, these lands had been home to many communities throughout the history. Declaring its independence from the British colony in 1961, the country is remarkable today by its giant skyscrapers, luxury hotels and huge shopping malls.

As one of the most powerful economies worldwide, Kuwait does not only own a cultural wealth. Have a look at the flights to Kuwait with Turkish Airlines to enjoy a comfortable and privileged journey to this amazing destination for witnessing the luxury of simply everything.

Flight Details

Kuwait flight details

Flights with Turkish Airlines to Kuwait take off from Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST) or Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) and land at Kuwait International Airport (KWI) in the capital of the country. Flights in this route take three hours and forty minutes in average.

The air traffic between Kuwait and Türkiye is highly busy. Both countries frequently visit each other also for touristic purposes, apart from the business trips. The country is in high demand in the months of spring, which is the most ideal time of visit. Moreover, Short Film Festival in December, Kuwait Jazz Festival in June and February 25 Independence Day celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country, are the notable events increasing the mobility countrywide. Hala Festival, which celebrates the coming of spring, is held with various events and massive store discounts for one month during which Kuwait attracts a considerable number of tourists. It would be advisable to book your flight to Kuwait without delay if you also wish to visit the country during this massive discount season.

In addition to all these, as a Muslim country, celebrations of religious feasts are also very colorful in Kuwait. Sacrifice Holiday and Ramadan Feast, birthday of the prophet Mohamed, Holy Kandil Nights and the Hegira (Islamic) New Year in the first day of Muharram ul haram are all celebrated enthusiastically all over the country.

Attraction Points

Kuwait sightseeing and attractions

It is possible to find countless details of Arabian culture, as well as far more contemporary structures in Kuwait. Kuwait Towers, the icon of both the country and the capital, serve as a remarkable model in this sense. You may get to the top of these towers of 187 meters and sip your coffee accompanied by the beautiful view of city and gulf, and have a pleasant dinner at the revolving restaurant. Furthermore, the traditional Grand Bazaar in the city is also worth-seeing, where you can find everything about the country’s culture.

Make sure also to visit the Grand Mosque, regarded as one of the most significant models of modern Islamic architecture by its glorious presence of 46 thousand square meters, blending the traditional with the contemporary; see the highest building in the country, Al Hamra Tower; witness the country’s history at the National Museum of Kuwait and stop by 360 Mall, the largest shopping mall countrywide, full of luxury stores.

The transportation network within the city is highly advanced to reach any significant destination. Nevertheless, if you do not wish to take public transport and interested in a private option, you may rent a car and set your own route to see the attractions and tourist spots during your stay.

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