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Flights to Lithuania

Vilnius Lithuanian
Euro 2,87 million
New Year (January 01), Restoration of the State Day (February 16), Day of Independence (March 11), Easter (March-April), Labor Day (May 01), St. John’s Day (June 24), Republic Day (July 06), Assumption Day (August 15), All Saint’s Day (November 01), Christmas (December 25, 26)

Lithuania is one of the most impressive countries in the Northern Europe. As the largest and most populous of three Baltic States, this country’s majority lives along the Baltic Sea as well. Joined the European Union in 2004, Lithuania owns various charms waiting to be discovered, especially its marvelous nature. Lithuanians attach great importance to the nature, which can be understood by the vast forestlands all over the country. The country is therefore an ideal destination for those interested in a tranquil holiday full of nature.

Take a look at the flights to Lithuania offered by Turkish Airlines now to set your travel plan to meet the friendly Lithuanians fond of entertainment, food and nightlife.

Flight Details

Lithuania flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to two cities in Lithuania: Vilnius, as the capital of the country located in Dzukija region, and Palanga, a smaller Lithuanian city. Flights are operated as direct from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Vilnius International Airport (VNO) which take nearly two hours and forty five minutes. It is possible to find reciprocal flights between these two cities almost every day.

Flights to Palanga International Airport (PLQ), on the other hand, are generally operated as connecting over Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH) in the Danish capital Copenhagen. The duration of the journey in these connecting flights varies by the layover at Copenhagen, ranging from five to twenty hours in average.

There are four international airports serving in Lithuania: Vilnius, Palanga, Kaunas and Siauliai Airports. Vilnius International Airport (VNO) is the busiest airport countrywide and the second busiest in Baltic States with more than 3 million 750 thousand passenger capacity. Kaunas International Airport (KUN) and Palanga International Airport (PLQ) play an important role in the country’s air traffic, serving to more than one million five hundred passengers in total annually.

Lithuania can be visited at all seasons. Nevertheless, it can be said that the country is more crowded than ever between May and September. During this period, Lithuanian cities welcome crowded tourist groups, both due to the convenient weather conditions and the popular events taking place countrywide. Galapai Rock Festival, which is held in an island in the middle of a lake at Zarasai in July is one of the most attention-grabbing events organized countrywide. Tamsta Music Festival, which takes place almost concurrently with the aforesaid at the forestland in Varena brings in music lovers all over the world to Lithuania. In addition, Sea Festival organized every year at the end of July and in the beginning of August at Klaipeda offers enjoyable moments for the fanciers of sailing races. The choice of those interested in observing closer the local life is the Kauinas Fair held in March. During this fair, Laisves Street and the nearby streets host various exhibitions, concerts, events for children and stands where the local tastes are served. Kaunas Jazz Festival which is held since 1991, is another popular festival attracting considerable number of people. The Vilnius Festival which takes place at the capital in June is regarded as one of the most deep-rooted classical music festivals not only in Lithuania but also in Europe.

Lithuania is accompanied by influx of visitors during these festival seasons which offer a close look to the cultural life at the country. It would therefore be recommendable booking your flight without delay if you are also planning to visit this beautiful country in the vigorous festival season.

Attraction Points

Lithuania sightseeing and attractions

Totally enthralling by its nature, art, sports and unique cuisine, Lithuania offers utterly different vacation experiences to its guests with its cities Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Trakai and Palanga.

Vilnius is often cited as one of the most magical destinations in Europe, mostly thanks to its Old Town center arousing interest by its splendid architectural details. As one of the most popular spots in the city by its pretty galleries and elegant restaurants, Užupis Street is definitely worth-seeing. Make sure to also visit Nacionalinė Dailės Galerija, offering a collection of contemporary art, and Tymo Turgus, a street market set on Thursdays.

Another large city in the country, Kaunas is captivating both by its cultural values and natural gems. Lithuanian Open-Air Folk Museum would be a good alternative for getting to know the city closer. George Maciunas Square, Laisvės Square and Vilniaus Street, on the other hand, are the most vigorous spots in the city. The city is remarkable also for hosting a wide range of events and festivals throughout the year. For this reason, Kaunas is often cited as the liveliest town countrywide, offering numerous alternatives for its guests.

Klaipeda truly fascinates every art lover by its interesting sculptures around every corner. The most popular sculpture amongst all those bringing in a modern presence to the city, is the Kiss Sculpture. Another frequently visited Lithuanian city is Palanga, known for its broad sands. You may also have a chance to visit the Botanic Garden and the Amber Museum in this lovely city.

Buses and trains are the most preferred means of transport between the cities in Lithuania. However, you may also consider the option of car rental for a more comfortable journey and set a more comprehensive travel plan adding more destinations to your route.

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