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Flights to Luxembourg

Luxembourg City Luxembourgish, French, German
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As a country with a same name with its capital, Luxembourg is encircled by Germany, France and Belgium. Officially known as Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, this lovely country attracts attention as the sole country worldwide with the duchy system. Located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is regarded as one of the most romantic and magical lands of the continent. Luxembourg ranks among the top popular holiday destinations not only by its natural beauties, but also by its fortresses remaining from the Medieval Age, its elegant architecture, mystical forests and significant attractions included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

If you are also interested in exploring Luxembourg by its verdant and tranquil atmosphere, peaceful streets, historical artifacts, its unique architecture and green valleys, take a look at the flights offered by Turkish Airlines now to start planning your travel.

Flight Details

Luxembourg flight details

Flights to Luxembourg with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Luxembourg Airport (LUX) within nearly three and a half hours. The country is flooded by many tourists all year round thanks to the opportunities it offers, as well as its perfect geographical location. Colorful festivals taking throughout the year greatly contribute to the appeal of Luxembourg as well.

The most lasting festival countrywide is the Luxembourg Festival where all branches of art are celebrated. The festival which takes place between October and November offers many performances and musical events like opera, ballet and jazz. It would be best to visit the country during this season to join utterly beautiful shows. Another important event of Luxembourg is the Grape Festival. During this festival, you may taste the grapes manufactured in the local towns and enjoy the palatable dishes, as well as the entertaining activities. Celebrations take place from August to November periodically.

Summer Fest, which is held for 15 years, is regarded as the most comprehensive and visited event countrywide where you can join free open-air concerts, various exhibitions and street performances. Starting in June and lasting till September, these events welcome nearly 1,5 million visitors every year. Adrenaline junkies, on the other hand, may wish to visit the country on August 23. Yet, the festival held in Limpertsberg on the same day every year welcomes the fanciers of amusement with all its roller coasters, ferris wheels and many more.

Attraction Points

Luxembourg sightseeing and attractions

Having been invaded many times and ruled by multiple cultures throughout the history, the capital naming after the country, Luxembourg is an ancient city established in the 10th century. As a city full of history along its neighborhoods and streets, the capital is declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO precisely for this reason.

The rightest choice to start your trip in Luxembourg is the Old Town. It is an outstanding spot making you feel like you are travelling in time by all its ancient city walls, paved streets and historic houses. The central spot in the Old Town, the square named Place d’Armes is a popular attraction as it offers an atmosphere within the local culture. As a noteworthy crowd-pulling sight by all its cafés and restaurants, the square is colored up with the live performances of music bands and the flea markets in the months of summer.

St. Michael’s Church, which according to the records, the oldest religious artifact in the capital ranks among the top notable must-see spots. It is also very close to the Walls of the Corniche. Offering a spectacular landscape from the top of the city, the Walls of Corniche is an extremely historic spot full of the stories of aristocrat families and refugees. Another historic church, St. John’s Church is also a popular attraction in the Old Town District. The Fortress of Luxembourg, often cited as the “Gibraltar of the North” as a result of its alleged impregnability, is another noteworthy spot that should definitely be seen. After visiting this stunning fortress, you may continue your tour in Luxembourg by crossing one of the bridges surrounding the city.

Built in the 17th and 19th centuries, Luxembourg City History Museum consists of four buildings bearing the traces of the Medieval Age architecture, which is also located in the Old Town. The first floor of the museum hosts the permanent exhibition of the city’s history, whereas temporary exhibitions are held in the upper floors. National Museum of History and Art, on the other hand, exhibits objects dating back to the Roman period and Medieval Age, sculptures and portraits made by the Luxembourger artists between 18th and 20th centuries, as well as the contemporary works of local and foreign artists. Another attention-grabbing museum in Luxembourg is The Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art, designed by Ming Pei, remarkable as the designer of Louvre Pyramid in Paris. The museum exhibits almost 100 works of art, amongst which there are the designers Andy Warhol and Bruce Nauman.

As home to numerous fortresses and castles, Luxembourg shines out as one of the top attractive destinations in Europe. It is possible to encounter enthralling and glorious castles around every corner. You may ensure transport by bicycles in the city; however it would be recommendable to rent a car for easily visiting the breathtaking historical artifacts and castles all over the country.

One of the top worth-seeing castles in Luxembourg is the Bourscheid Castle dating back to the 10th century, bordered by the Rivers Sure and Wark. Moreover, Beaufort Castle remaining from the 12th century by its neo-gothic architecture, and Walferdange Castle, known as the residence of grand duchy until the end of 19th century, are other spectacular sites recommended to be visited.

In addition, the Ardennes is truly worth-seeing by all its pretty rivers, high plateaus and verdant lands, still preserving the atmosphere of the Medieval Age. Offering spectacular sceneries especially for a romantic vacation, Ardennes is one of the charming cities countrywide by its countless castles, fortresses and farms surrounded by stones. Another top visited spot in Luxembourg is Vianden, the place where Victor Hugo exiled once upon a time. It is possible to visit the house the famous author used to live in this town of legendary beauty. The city’s largest castle built in the 10th century in Romanesque style, is located on a high spot that may make the acrophobic people feel uncomfortable; nevertheless, it offers a stunning landscape which would totally worth.

Luxembourg offers both historic and natural marvels by all its well preserved valleys, forests and plateaus. Sure National Park succeeds in appealing the tourists by its peaceful atmosphere and wide range of activities it offers. Increasing its popularity by its availability for water sports, as well as wild life and eco-tourism, Sure National Park invites you to join guided or non-guided tours and solar-powered boat tours; and perform many fun activities like fishing, swimming and diving.

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