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Flights to North Macedonia

Skopje Macedonian
Macedonian Denar
2,081 million
Orthodox Christmas (January 07), Easter (March/April), Labor Day (May 01-02), St. Cyril and St. Methodius Day (May 24), Republic Day (August 02), Independence Day (September 08), Uprising Against Fascism Day (October 11), Day of the Macedonian Revolution (October 23-24), St. Clement of Orchid (December 08), Ramadan Feast

As a Balkan country in Southeast Europe, North Macedonia hosts a large number of tourists round the year. Vardar River, together with Ohrid, Doiran and Prespa lakes are regarded as the source of natural beauties this lovely country harbors. The capital Skopje is the largest city and serves as the administrative hub of the country. Stone bridges linking the two banks of Vardar River flowing through, and the statutes all over the capital stand out as the icons of Skopje.

Having been under the domination of many states throughout the history by its strategic location, North Macedonia is an extremely cosmopolite country. As a country bearing the traces of the Ottoman Empire at many locations, North Macedonia manages to arouse interest of a large number of tourists and leave unforgettable memories behind by its cultural values and fascinating natural beauties.

If you are planning a travel to North Macedonia to see the natural beauties it offers and breathe in the captivating atmosphere, you may book your flight to North Macedonia now with Turkish Airlines and enjoy a comfortable journey.

Flight Details

North Macedonia flight details

There are two airports serving internationally in North Macedonia: Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (SKP) serving to 1,5 million passengers in a year and Ohrid Airport (OHD) with 150 thousand passengers. Turkish Airlines flies to Skopje in North Macedonia; flights take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (SKP) within nearly an hour and a half.

Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers' Film Festival taking place in North Macedonia is a globally known festival with an outstanding international value. Dedicated to Manaki Brothers who introduced the Ottoman Empire, the ruler at the time, and accordingly the Balkan region to cinematography, this event takes place in September every year. The festival is held in Bitola city with huge participation all over the world since 1979, the first year it has been organized.

Balkan Folklore Festival, which has been held since 1962 is another remarkable event with the participation of artists from other Balkan countries as well. Supported also by various entertaining organizations, this folklore festival has a high sentimental value for introducing and preserving the countries’ cultural values. The Galichnik Wedding, held in the North Macedonian village of Galičnik in every July offers a traditional feast atmosphere. This event lasts for three days and aims to sustain the local culture. Moreover, founded in 1961 and held annually in July, Ohrid Summer Festival is another event grabbing attention in the international platform. Skopje Jazz Festival taking place in October and Skopje Design Week in November are among the other crowd-pulling international events held in the country.

North Macedonia’s popular capital Skopje is flooded by more visitors especially in the periods when these events take place. Flights by Turkish Airlines to this North Macedonian capital are the first choice of passengers, thanks to the comfortable service of high quality it offers.

Attraction Points

North Macedonia sightseeing and attractions

As the administrative center of North Macedonia, the capital Skopje is situated on the two sides of Vardar River flowing through the city, enthralling everyone with its spectacular landscape. Capable of combining its metropolitan nature with the skills to sustain its culture, lovely Skopje is the most populous and popular city in the country. Uniting the two sides of Vardar River towards North Macedonia Square, the Stone Bridge is the remarkable icon of the city with its 13 arches. Skopje Fortress, Church of St. Clement of Ohrid, Turkish Bazaar and Ottoman covered bazaar within, together with Mustafa Pasha Mosque are the enchanting must-see spots the city offers.

Matka Canyon, located nearly 15 kilometers from the city, is a wonderful natural outdoor destination which should definitely be visited especially by the nature lovers. The natural site offers various nature sports to do and numerous historical ruins to visit; you may also have a canyon tour by the boats serving to Vrelo Cave. Your canyon tour may become more enjoyable by the activities like rock climbing, canoe, cave landing or trekking; make sure to take photographs to immortalize these pleasant moments. Have a look at the flight tickets to Skopje now to set your travel for an unforgettable vacation in this marvelous city.

Serving as a ski center in the winter months in Mavrovo, Mavrovo National Park is another wonder of nature in North Macedonia, which offers an utterly joyful vacation chance to its guests.

Ohrid stands out as the most popular city countrywide, after the capital Skopje. Situated on the side of Ohrid Lake, you will certainly feel as if time has stopped while walking around the streets of this tiny city. As the most visited destination in the country, Ohrid is highly popular by its sincere and peaceful life as well as the unique and delighting spots nearby. Furthermore, the Monastery of Saint Naum, which is 30 kilometers from Ohrid is regarded as the remarkable historical artifact in the country, hosting also the mausoleum of Saint Naum and flooded by a large number of visitors round the year.

As the second largest city in North Macedonia, Bitola is a home to Monastery Military High School, which is known as the school Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Türkiye received education.

You may consider car rental options during your stay at North Macedonia to visit these marvelous spots singly and get to know the country better. You may therefore set the most convenient plan for a memorable vacation and manage your time in the most efficient and fun way possible.

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