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Flights to Malta

Valletta Maltese and English
Euro 436,947
New Year (January 01), St. Joseph Day (March 19), Labor Day (May 01), Sette Giugno - Remembrance of 1919 Riots (June 07), Immarja Festival (June 29), Victory Day (September 08), Independence Day (September 21), Republic Day (December 13), Christmas (December 25)

Situated right in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta is one of the smallest island countries worldwide. The total surface of the country consisting of five archipelagos is 316 square kilometers. As the largest of these archipelagos, Malta hosts the majority of the country’s population. This tiny island, where there is almost no winters, is amongst the top favorite destination for the fanciers of sea, sand and sun. Malta’s charming sands are not only visited by tourists all year round; the beaches and sands of utmost beauty are the first stop for the globally known producers as well. You may enjoy the shiny sun on the beaches notable for being a movie set for the worldwide renowned productions like Troy, Gladiator and Game of Thrones; or, witness the cultural diversity of this tiny island, which fell under Phoenicia, Carthage, Roman, Byzantine, Arab and Spanish domination respectively throughout its history.

If you are looking for a peaceful holiday in this favorite Mediterranean Island, take a look at the flights to Malta with Turkish Airlines now and enjoy a privileged journey up in the clouds.

Flight Details

Malta flight details

Turkish Airlines regularly offers direct flights to Luqa Airport (MLA), the busiest airport in Malta. Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Malta take nearly two and a half hours.

Each festival has utterly different and exclusive rituals in this romantic Mediterranean island of magical coasts. The festival season called Fosta begins in May and continues till the end of September. Fosta therefore contributes greatly to the busy air traffic in the country especially in spring and summer, when the entire country enlivens up by the colorful carnivals full of joy and entertainment. It would be advisable visiting the country during Fosta if you also dream of an enjoyable holiday in the vivacious Malta streets.

Malta Art Festival and Malta Rock and Jazz Festival in July and August, are other remarkable popular events taking place countrywide. International Fireworks Festival, which is held in April at Grand Harbour, offers a one of a kind experience coloring up the sky.

Book your flight to Malta now without delay to see the country in this vigorous season and get started planning your trip.

Attraction Points

Malta sightseeing and attractions

Malta is home to the prettiest coasts of the Mediterranean, many of which remain untouched, leaving unforgettable memories for the visitors. The Buskett Gardens in Valletta, is the place shown as “King’s Landing” in the popular series Game of Thrones. The gardens also serve as a destination beyond comparison to watch the spectacular panoramic view of Malta. As the capital of the country, Valletta enthralls the guests by its live streets full of colorful houses, pleasant cafés, restaurants and shops. Saint John's Co-Cathedral as a home to Maltese Knights is another popular attraction in the capital Valletta.

Popeye Village, located in Malieha region of the Main Island Malta is generally the first choice of the families with children. The village was built as a film set for the musical film Popeye in 1980, starring Robin Williams; and is open to the public today as a museum appealing to both the children and the adults. Marsaxlokk in the main island Malta, is another crowd-pulling destination countrywide as a pretty fishing village.

Gozo is the second largest island in Malta. Victoria district is regarded as the center of this lovely island, where Cittadella serves as an Old Town District. Gozo is an ideal place for those who are fond of scuba diving. The tiniest island in Malta, Comino, on the other hand, is home to the famous Blue Lagoon. Make sure to spend at least a single day in this captivating lagoon during your visit to Malta.

Transportation between the islands is offered by ferries. Bus services are the most preferred transportation means within the cities or islands. In addition, Malta shines out as a group of islands offering a different charm around every corner; it would therefore be recommendable renting a car for exploring all these beauties in a comfortable way throughout your stay.

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