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Flights to Mauritania

Nouakchott Arabic
Ouguiya 4,42 million
New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01), Africa Day (May 25), Independence Day (November 28), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday, Islamic New Year

As a Northwestern African country, Mauritania is regarded as one of the most attractive destinations in the continent, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Senegal to the southwest, Mali to the southeast and east, Algeria to the northeast and Western Sahara to the north. Along with its natural beauties, its interesting desert life and unique cities planned by an outstanding architectural concept get credit by the travelers as well.

Book your flight with Turkish Airlines now to have a privileged journey to Mauritania, and experience an utterly different vacation exploring the distinctive sides of this unique country.

Flight Details

Mauritania flight details

Flights to Mauritania with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Nouakchott Airport in the capital within seven hours and thirty minutes in average.

Mauritania has a dry and hot climate; however, not having a muggy weather especially with the capital Nouakchott along the Atlantic Ocean, which means the “place of the winds”, the country ranks among the remarkable destinations to be visited at all seasons and is therefore frequently preferred by the travelers all year round.

Festivals taking place countrywide, on the other hand, become varied and arouse interest of more people each passing year. Africa Day celebrated on May 25 every year in the foundation anniversary of the African Union would be a perfect opportunity to both learn the region’s history and to get to know the local culture better. Moreover, the Hindu feast Diwali is held with huge enthusiasm in Mauritania as well. The coming of spring is celebrated at various temples in the capital Nouakchott.

Attraction Points

Mauritania sightseeing and attractions

The capital Nouakchott is situated along the Atlantic Ocean. Sixima Market where the fresh seafood from the ocean are sold, together with many exotic fruits specific to these lands and souvenirs, as well as Pecheurs Beach to enjoy the splendid sea would be the top touristic spots in the country. As an Islamic Republic, the country is home to many mosques, among which the oldest is Saudi Mosque, shining out by its breathtaking architecture also as the largest mosque countrywide. Ibn Abbas Mosque is another enthralling mosque which should definitely be seen as well.

You may consider the option of car rental to see closer all the unique beauties of Mauritania. Thus, you will have a chance to broaden the scope of your visit and reach easily many touristic attractions other than the capital Nouakchott. You may therefore include in your plan the country’s second largest city Nouadhibou, the center of commerce countrywide as well. Banc d’Arguin National Park, situated between Nouadhibou and the capital is another must-see spot. Established in 1978 and included in UNESCO World Heritage List, this national park is the place of reproduction for many bird species, and accordingly is a very significant spot for those fond of bird watching.

One of the most distinctive sides of Mauritania is its outstanding architecture. In fact, each city in the country has its own unique architectural fabric. The city of Kaedi, for instance, draws interest by its brown and flat roofed houses. Moreover, Chinguetti in Adrar Plateau hosts a large number of attractive artifacts. Established as a hub for some trade routes around the Sahara Desert in the 3rd century, Chinguetti is an extremely impressive site with its old houses built by superimposing the hand-carved wooden doors and tile stones.

Another peerless experience the country offers for its guests is of course the desert tours. As a country remarkable for its desert life, Terjit Oasis would definitely be the rightest choice to have such experience. You may have a pleasant desert safari with 4x4s or ride camels here. Offering desert adventures, Mauritania also satisfies those interested in a sea vacation by its location along the ocean. Pecheurs Beach in the capital, together with the Arguin Island, 80 kilometers to the southeast of Cape White rank among the top ideal points to enjoy the sea. The island, which is the favorite spot of also the fishermen, can be reached by small boats, offering a chance to have an enthralling sea adventure.

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