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Flights to Moldova

Chisinau Moldovan, Romanian
Moldovan Leu 3,552 million
Christmas (January 07), Women’s Day (March 08), Labor Day (May 01), Orthodox Easter (May), Day of Victory and Remembrance (May 09), Independence Day (August 27), National Language Day (August 31)

As an Eastern European country arousing interest by its verdant nature, Moldova manages to create a touristic attraction by its warmhearted people, natural beauties and historic fabric. Having an important place in cereal production worldwide, this landlocked country is extremely popular by its vineyards as well. Moldova is flooded by tourists especially during the sunny summer months which are not very hot; the country welcomes its guests by its splendid view covered with cottony snow in the wintertime. The capital Chisinau is also a favorite stop for gourmet tours, offering perfectly served local tastes. Being a tiny but an outstanding country in culture and art by its relaxing atmosphere, Moldova is in ever-increasing touristic demand in recent years.

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Flight Details

Moldova flight details

Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to Moldova’s capital Chisinau. Flights taking off from Istanbul Airport (IST) land at Chisinau International Airport (KIV) within nearly an hour and a half.

The country’s largest airport, Chisinau International Airport (KIV) serves to the major part of Moldova’s air traffic. Another airport, Balti International Airport (BZY) is the second largest airport in the country, although serving to an extremely lower passenger capacity.

Air traffic may get busier during a great number of festivals taking place generally close to the capital. Gutat festival held in Chisinau in August arouses interest of many visitors by its grape harvest events. As another reflection of the conventional culture, Nufaru Alb is held in July where the streets turn into dance floor by the amazing folk dance shows. Cricova Grape Harvest and Underground Festival in October are other remarkable events drawing considerable attention.

Attraction Points

Moldova sightseeing and attractions

As an utterly verdant city, Chisinau is a joyful town situated on the banks of Bic River. Parks all around this adorable city surely increase the living standards. Stefan Cel Mare Park located in the heart of the city is an attractive spot together with the remarkable monument it hosts with the same name. The Water Tower in Banulescu-Bodoni Street which serves today as a museum, offers information about the city’s history in its every floor. Regarded as the most charming architectural work in Chisinau, Nativity Cathedral, which was built in 1830s, is an impressive structure serving today as an exhibition center. Another remarkable icon in the city is the Pushkin Museum. The building which was used as a summer house by the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, owns an archive including the poet’s writing desk and other personal properties.

The second largest city countrywide, Balti is under the spotlight by its ceaseless lifestyle and cultural presence. The city hosts Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre, the first national theatre of the country, where different operas or plays are staged each day. Those interested in seeing different architectural structures may also visit St. Constantine and Elena Cathedral, a structure of Ne-Byzantine style, standing out as never been damaged since the day it was built. In addition, Balti is wrapped into an extremely social atmosphere by many entertaining cafés, bars, restaurants and cultural activities all around.

Tiraspol, within the boundaries of the Transnistria Republic, which, even not officially, declared its independence from Moldova, serves as the capital of this region. Bearing the traces of the Soviets, the city offers an utterly different experience by its highly tranquil atmosphere and military details. 25 October Street is the most populous touristic spot in the city, which is located in the center, close to many parks nearby, as well as the remarkable Culture Park. Noul Neamt Monastery, Tiraspol National History Museum, Zelinsky House Museum, Presidential Palace and the War Memorial are the other attention-grabbing spots in the city.

You may have a chance to see many cities during your visit to Moldova, as the country is considerably small by area. It would be useful to remind that the transportation between the cities can only be provided by land. Apart from the public transport options, renting a car would be another alternative for a more comfortable holiday.

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