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Flights to Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar Mongolian
Mongolian Tögrög 3,027 million
New Year (January 01), Tsagaan Saar (February 08), Women’s Day (March 08), Mothers’ and Children’s Day (June 01), Naadam (July 11), Independence Day (November 26)

Mongolia is the seventh largest country in Asia and ranks as the 19th largest worldwide by its area of 1,564,116 square kilometers. On the other hand, the country is one of the most under populated destinations in the world, despite its vast area. The lands of Mongolia remain as a real treasure for nomads by its endless moorlands as home to many ethnical groups like Khalkha, Buriyad, Zakchin, Dariganga, Burga and Uzebkhin dating back to ancient ages, as well as the traditions they managed to preserve successfully. Mongolia promises an utterly different, one of a kind experience by the Gobi Desert, Bayan-Ölgii Mountain covered with snow and Bayanzag region with well-preserved fossils.

Have a look at the flights to Mongolia offered by Turkish Airlines now if you are looking forward to see these vast, untouched lands extending all over the moorlands hosting a large number of stray sheep, goat, horse and cow herds wandering around, and Ger dwellings where a considerable number of inhabitants live; and take the first step to embark on an extraordinary adventure to witness the virginity beyond comparison.

Flight Details

Mongolia flight details

Direct flights with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Ulaanbaatar Buyant Uhaa Airport (ULN), the sole international airport in Mongolia, take nearly nine hours. Although there are flights to the capital Ulaanbaatar all year round, journeys in this route become popular in the summertime.

Encircled by Siberia to the north, Mongolia has very long and challenging winter season. It would therefore be best to wait for the months of summer to visit the country to see the spectacular beauties offered by the lands where nature awakens very late. Festivals offering a chance to witness the country’s culture closer are also held in the summertime.

The largest festival of Mongolia is Naadam, taking place between July 11 and 13. Serving as a national holiday as well, this festival is celebrated for honoring the country’s past. Taking place with the traditional costumes, historic performances and various games and events held especially in the capital Ulaanbaatar, Naadam is a best opportunity to see the distinctive Mongolian culture. The Golden Eagle Festival gathering together the world’s most notable eagle hunters is held at Ölgii in the first weekend of October each year. Hunters display their skills within the scope of this festival where Kazakh dances are also performed. The Nauryz Festival held in 22 March, the new year of Kazakhs, is celebrated at Ölgii as well. Together with concerts and various events, the traditional sports countrywide like wrestling, archery and horse racings are also performed in the festival.

Book your flight to Mongolia right now to start dreaming yourself exploring the untouched lands in this magical country by its deep-rooted traditions, peerless nature and unique events.

Attraction Points

Mongolia sightseeing and attractions

Mongolia owns one of the most attractive geographies worldwide. Such that, it is possible to see in this country any kind of natural beauty you have been longing for. Menen Steppe, as the world’s largest steppe by its endless meadows and various wild animals, is one of the most outstanding must-see spots in the country. The Burkhan Khaldun Mountain is another enthralling attraction, which, according to Mongolian belief, was surrounded by forests by Genghis Khan to protect his son Temuchin from the enemies. During your stay, make sure to also witness the perfect sunrise or sunset at the Gobi Desert and see the Gobi Waterfalls consisting of ancient ruins at Dundgobi city.

As one of the most significant destinations in Central Asia, the capital Ulaanbaatar provides insight into the country’s cultural and historical background. All roads lead to Sukbataar, often cited as Genghis Khan Square in the city. Gandantegchinlen Monastery and Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts focusing on the art of Buddhism serve as noteworthy spots in the capital as well. It is possible to reach anywhere in the city via buses, trolleybuses and cabs. You may also consider the option of car rental to set your own route and travel freely far from the city’s crowd.

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