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Flights to Montenegro

Podgorica Montenegrin
Euro 622,781
New Year (January 01 and 02), Orthodox Christmas (January 07), Easter (April 05), Labor Day (May 01 and 02), Independence Day (May 21), Montenegro Statehood Day (July 13)

This joyful Balkan country is the center of touristic attention all year round by its mountainous geography and wonderful location along the Adriatic Sea.

Having been under the domination of the Ottoman Empire for a long time, Montenegro welcomes its guests with a delicacy as an independent country today, after a great many processes which had enriched its culture mosaic. Tara Canyon, one of the most interesting canyons worldwide, along with Kotor and Durmitor which all are included in UNESCO World Heritage List are the outstanding and remarkable cultural properties under protection in Montenegro. The country with both the Mediterranean and continental climate is notable for its rainforests as well.

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Flight Details

Montenegro flight details

Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica. Flights take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Podgorica within an hour and forty minutes to two hours in average. There are two international airports serving in the country: Podgorica Airport (TGD) and Tivat Airport (TIV). The point of destination for Turkish Airlines flights is Podgorica Airport (TDG) which is the busiest airport in the country, located 11 kilometers from the city center.

Popular by its unique beaches, Montenegro hosts very busy air traffic in the summer months. Moreover, festivals taking place in various seasons are held with huge participation, making a major contribution to this air traffic. Kotor, the impressive town with its historical atmosphere hosts the day of Sveti Tripun (St. Tripun) in February and the Camellia Festival in March. Moreover, Herceg Novi Theatre Festival which is held in the beginning of spring, together with Budva Music Festival and Merlinka Festival in December are amongst the popular events taking place in the country. As a notable sports event, Podgorica Marathon is held each year in October with huge participation.

If you are looking for a cultural holiday to enjoy the sun and sea as well, take the chance to discover this young and charming European destination with Turkish Airlines to have an unforgettable vacation.

Attraction Points

Montenegro sightseeing and attractions

Although being a small country, Montenegro owns an extremely high tourism potential. The country shines out by its natural gems both by the diversity of its geographical presence and its location. Montenegro is in high demand almost all the time by its crystal sands and shiny sun, as well as its historical fabric and cultural diversity.

The capital Podgorica is generally the first stop for the visitors. Located in the heart of the country, this lovely city enthralls its guests with Morača and Ribnica rivers flowing through. Stara Varos region, bearing the traces of Ottoman architecture, together with the Millennium Bridge, Clock Tower and Petrovic Palace are among the attractive must-see spots in the city.

The city of Kotor, another destination for those interested in cultural trips, welcomes the guests in an utterly beautiful fiord. Budva, on the other hand, is the favorite spot for the tourists looking for an enjoyable holiday full of sun and sea; the city is flooded by visitors all over the world especially in the summer season with is popular Sveti Stefan district. As the first stop for nature lovers, Durmitor National Park is home to nearly 18 lakes within and offers many activities like skiing, rafting, mountain climbing and camping.

You may plan a more efficient vacation during your stay at Montenegro and have a chance to visit multiple cities, as the country is quite small by area. Bus firms and train services would be an option to consider for transportation between the cities. If you are interested in a more comfortable and private travel plan, you may also consider renting a car for a smooth transport during your visit.

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