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Flights to Morocco

Rabat Arabic, Berber
Dirham 35,28 million
New Year (January 01), Military Day (May 14), National Day of Independence (May 23), Enthronement of Mohammed the 6th (July 30), Revolution Day of Public and King (August 20), Youth Day (August 21), Green March Day (November 06)

As a North African country, Morocco ranks among the top favorite destinations of the travel lovers by its multicultural nature, its geography beyond comparison and its historic and architectural fabric resembling the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights. Morocco, where each city has its own unique hallmarks will make you feel as if you are in a fairy land. Marrakesh, which is regarded as the most exotic city of the country situated on the foothills of the Atlas Mountain, together with Casablanca along the Atlantic Ocean as the largest city countrywide and is engraved in the memories with the quote “Play it again, Sam”, Fez, enthralling by its one of a kind architecture and colorful streets, the coastal town Tangier drawing attention by its modern urbanization and the capital Rabat, where history and contemporary embrace are a few of the most attention-grabbing cities in the country.

Owning a multi-cultural structure, Morocco is a home to both the European effects remaining from the colonial period and the Islamic patterns. As an impressive country bearing the traces of the Andalusian and Barbary cultures, Morocco’s enormous historical artifacts, mosques and famous gardens will simply captivate you by their charm.

Take a look at the flights to Morocco with Turkish Airlines now to get started on your journey to explore the stunning streets of this historical country which have been a source of inspiration for many movies and books.

Flight Details

Morocco flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to six different destinations in Morocco: Agadir, Casablanca, Fes, Marrakesh, Oujda and Tangier. Direct flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) or Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) take nearly five hours.

Muhammed V International Airport (CMN) in the largest city, Casablanca, and Menara Airport (RAK) in another remarkable city Marrakesh are the busiest airports serving in Morocco. Along with these, Saiss Airport (Fez) in Fez, Al Massira Airport (AGA) in Agadir, Ibn Battouta Airport (TNG) in Tangier and Angads Airport (OUD) in Oujda host more than 10 million passengers all year round.

Although the country has a hot climate generally, Morocco offers four seasons throughout the year, which turn the country into a destination high in demand all seasons. In addition, the country attracts a large number of tourists through the events and festivals ongoing all year long. Marrakesh Biennale is among the most popular culture and art events taking place in the country since 2005. Held between February and May in general, the Biennale welcomes a wide range of artists from all over the world. World Sacred Music Festival, which has been held since 1994 in Fez, is another notable cultural organization lasting nearly a week and gathering together the notable artists worldwide, as well as the national musicians in Morocco. Jazzblanca Music Festival in Casablanca creates a pleasant atmosphere in the city, bringing together many jazz musicians from Europe and America.

On the other hand, Morocco ranks among the most developed African countries not only in terms of tourism and culture, but also for industry and finance as well. Especially Rabat, Marrakesh and Tangier host many significant expos and congresses and welcome businesspeople from all over the world. In a nutshell, if you are planning a journey to this marvelous country, it would be advisable to book your flight to Morocco in advance, considering the busy air traffic almost all year round.

Attraction Points

Morocco sightseeing and attractions

Morocco owns an extremely high touristic value worldwide. Often cited as “The Red City”, Marrakesh’s Djamaa El Fna square which stands for “Eternity Square” is generally the first stop of the tourists as a tiny reflection of the country’s authentic culture. You may have a chance to try the local tastes of Morocco in this square full of many hawkers from fruit and vegetable sellers to drapers. The square where there are also monkey and snake charmers is highly appealing to the visitors. Declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Marrakesh offers many must-see spots; you may visit the El Badi Palace remaining from the 16th century, see closely the elaborative touches of the Koutoubia Mosque, which is one of the largest mosques countrywide, and feel closely the city’s spirit at the marketplaces set on the different districts in Marrakesh. If you are ready for a magical adventure, book your flight to Marrakesh now and enjoy a one of a kind holiday.

Casablanca is another touristic destination in the country as charming as Marrakesh. The city is home to Hassan II Mosque which is a remarkable attraction serving as the Morocco’s largest and world’s third largest mosque. As a city filled with the details of French architecture, Casablanca is simply enthralling by its enjoyable Port district. Make sure to visit during your stay the Notre Dame de Lourdes Church and Casablanca Cathedral and see the admirable architectural details of Mahkama du Pacha, serving as a parliamentary building.

Notable for its leather works and leather trading, Fez is another crowd-pulling destination in the country. The city’s colorful leather tanneries bazaar is a worth seeing spot. Moreover, Merenid Tombs is another favorite destination of the tourists by its spectacular panoramic view. Tangier, which ranks among the first choices for those interested in a vacation full of sun and sea offers splendid coral reefs and unique crystal sands which should definitely be seen. The town of Agadir, on the other hand, is an ideal place for those looking for an unforgettable desert experience. Although situated by the ocean, Agadir is surrounded by deserts in which you may join a safari tour or have a chance to see closely the Bedouin culture.

As the political and administrative hub of the country, Rabad is amongst the worth seeing destinations in Morocco by the historical heritages it harbors, even though it is not as outstanding as the other cities in touristic aspects. The Ancient City of Chellah dating back to the Medieval Age, together with the Hassan Tower as the minaret of an incomplete mosque and the Andalusian Gardens with a wonderful landscaping are among the attractions in Rabad.

You may join the tours or consider the options of train or bus services for the transportation between the cities in Morocco. Moreover, it is also possible to set a more comfortable plan by renting a car.

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