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Flights to Niger

Niamey French
West African CFA Franc 21,48 million
New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01), Independence Day (August 03), Republic Day (December 18), Christmas (December 25), Easter, Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday, Islamic New Year

Niger is a landlocked country located in the western Africa. Although ranking among the poorest African countries according to the studies conducted by the United Nations, Niger has energy to change your point of view about the country by its warmhearted people. Having been a French colony for long years, the country’s glorious artifacts remaining from the colonial period, its passion to cultural events and its peerless nature would definitely make you want to visit Niger.

Take a look at the flight tickets without delay and enjoy a journey of high quality with Turkish Airlines up in the clouds, if you are also planning to explore Niger and embark on an extraordinary adventure.

Flight Details

Niger flight details

Flights to Niger with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Diori Hamani International Airport (NIM) in the capital Niamey within nearly six hours and thirty minutes.

As a country that does not receive much rain, Niger can be visited at all seasons by its dry and hot climate. Nevertheless, do not forget to consider the dates of the country’s exotic events while planning your trip to Niger.

Cure Salée is an attention-grabbing event, offering a chance to witness the traditions of Niger. Gathering together every ethnic origin countrywide, Cure Salée celebrates the awakening of nature through interesting shows in the last week of September every year. Gerewol Festival, another ideal organization to see the traditions, music, culture and entertainment of Niger is also held in September. You may have a chance to see the country’s culture closer if you organize your travel to Niger taking into account these two notable events.

Attraction Points

Niger sightseeing and attractions

Franco-Nigerian Cultural Center in Niamey, the capital and the largest city of Niger, is regarded as the country’s face towards art. Attaching great importance to art events, Niger’s most popular entertainment center, Franco-Nigerian Cultural Center hosts concerts, exhibitions and various events throughout the year. Those interested in learning about the country’s background in addition to art prefer visiting the National Museum of Niger, as a home to many archeological ruins and works.

Niamey hosts numerous enthralling historical artifacts remaining from the colonial period as well. It is possible to encounter attractive architectural structures around every corner in the city. During your stay, you may visit the Grand Mosque, built as Kaddafi’s gift to Niger which has an important place in the city’s silhouette, and may watch the city from above in its minaret. The largest prayer place of the country’s Christian community, Maorey Cathedral, on the other hand, has a fascinating view combining the local architecture with modern details.

Moreover, the people of Niger are very passionate about sportive activities as well. One of the most popular activities in the capital is to watch Niamey Hippodrome races. You may have a chance to watch various races here, where the entrance is free for everyone. Besides, as the oldest and the traditional sport of the country, wrestling has a significant place in the local culture. You may observe this culture closer by attending the wrestling competitions taking place at the Traditional Wrestling Stadium.

Niger Zoo would be an ideal place for those wishing to meet utterly interesting species of Africa. It would be recommendable to rent a car for ensuring a smooth transport throughout your stay in the capital. Thus, it is possible to reach any attraction in the country comfortably. For instance, you may visit Oumarou Ganda Cultural Centre hosting an amphitheater with a capacity of 5 thousand people, as well as a library with countless books and magazines; and join canoe tours at Boubon Island remarkable for its hippopotamuses.

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